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ToneRite for Guitar

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The ToneRite® has the guitar world buzzing!
Simulates the effects of actual playing to bring out the best in your guitar.

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ToneRite for Guitar
Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
0480 For guitar, domestic 110-volt Yes

0481 For guitar, international 220-volt Yes

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This revolutionary "play-in" simulator is based on the observation that the more an acoustic instrument is played, the faster it reaches its full sound potential (its "play-in" period).

The ToneRite applies direct vibration to a guitar at controlled frequencies, to simulate the effects of actual playing. Many players report increased volume and dynamic range in their instruments after using the device between playing sessions.

"The ToneRite® has made a dramatic difference in the tone of new instruments, and has helped to 'wake up' vintage instruments that haven't been played in years."
—Eric Schoenberg, Schoenberg Guitars

"After one week with the ToneRite on the guitar, the voice of my LaVenezia opened-up beautifully!"
—Bob Benedetto, Benedetto Guitars, Inc.

"All I know is the ToneRite works. It has caused several instruments in my shop to develop tone and response to a significant degree."
—Michael Lewis, luthier

3rd Generation models are the newest and most advanced ToneRite:
  • New electronics for finer control of intensity and harmonic content
  • More efficient, better fitting Elastone feet
  • Can be used on steel or nylon string acoustics, archtops and hollowbody guitars

ToneRite fits between the strings of a steel-string, archtop, classical or acoustic bass guitar (up to 2-5/32" / 55mm string spread) and rests against the bridge. The special Elastone feet are designed to safely and quietly maximize energy transfer to the instrument. The intensity of vibration can be controlled by a convenient dial on the power cord.

The manufacturer recommends an initial usage of 72-144 hours. It will be the first step in achieving your instrument's top potential. Subsequent treatments will be required to maintain and further develop your instrument. The ToneRite is not designed to make a poor instrument great, it is simply designed to bring out the best in an instrument. Your instrument will retain its individual character, with enhanced balanced tone and playability.

Domestic model is a 110-volt AC electrical appliance, 60Hz. It has a U.S. standard Type A plug with two flat parallel prongs, ungrounded.

International model is a 220-volt AC electrical appliance, 50Hz. It has an international plug Type C (Europlug) with two round prongs, ungrounded.

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 Ratings and reviews
ToneRite for Guitar
ToneRite for Guitar
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 30 ratings Write a Review
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5 5-21-2011
3rd Generation Tonerite

The Tonerite unit itself worked fine, and has had a beneficial effect on my Archtop. The 220 volt Power Adaptor looked cheap, and the first one, that I was sent, had loose plug connections, and was verging on the dangerous ( I had to tape the Tonerite plug into it). Stew Mac were good enough to rapidly send me a replacement, which was much better, though still cheap looking and it's easy to get your fingers pinched as you open the box it's in.. Even so I think Stew Mac should find another supplier for the voltage adapter (NO STARS for the Adapter).

Dave Fletcher  Wylam, England
5 4-13-2011
5 Star Product

I bought the ToneRite to see if I could get more out of my Taylor 814CE. This particular Taylor is designed for finger picking and light strumming. For my taste it just wasn't projecting much when strummed. I used the ToneRite on it for 144 hrs. When done I had a completely new guitar. Regardless of what I do finger pick, flat pick or just strum, the Taylor sings like never before. I feel like the guitar is 20 years old and has been played everyday. Great product. Next I think I will try it on my mandolin!
Frank Moore, Lacey, WA

Franklin  Lacey, WA
5 3-18-2011
The Tone-rite system

I thought that one day I was going to invent this tool. I used to rig and jig up an electric massage device with a felt damper pad just behind the bridge on acoustic guitars and it really opened up the sound of the instrument. Now I just plug in the Tone-Rite system, I find that a guitar that has not been played for months comes back to life with a 4 to 6 day "Tone-Rite injection" I love it. I tell my customers that I'm going to give your guitar a "Vibe-injection" I simply love it!

Roger Hayes  Livonia, Michigan Read my reviews (2)
5 2-11-2011

I have used the tonerite on 3 violins, 4 guitars, an upright bass, and a mandolin. The voicing has improved to a great extent,and seems to be considerable louder. I would recommend this item to anyone who does not play at least twice a week. It really helps to keep your instrument opened up and performing at its best.
-Jerry McCarley, luthier

Jerry Mc 
1 2-01-2011
No customer service

I just purchased a Tonerite. I went to their website to register my unit and activate the warranty. I began with a search for the serial number for the unit which I couldn't locate. I emailed Tonerite for assistance. They sent me a user name and password to enter their site. I tried for about seven hours to enter with the info they provided without success and sent them emails to let them know what was going on. All I got was a computerized response. I finally found the serial number and went to the registration page and entered the info. It was rejected stating I needed to log in. I tried again to log in without success.
This product has a 3 year warranty according to the company info. It might as well be a 100 year warranty if you cannot register the unit and activate the warranty.
The product might be OK, I don't know, because I am sending it back. I don't want a product without customer service and I don't want or need the stress from dealing with this type of outfit.
Buy it at your own risk. Once you get it I hope you don't have problems because, from my experience, it is your baby.

nobanjotom  Clinton, NC Read my reviews (2)
StewMac responds

We're sorry to hear about your experience. If any item fails to meet your expectations, you may return it, unaltered, for a refund or exchange.

5 1-21-2011
Awesome Product

I was really skeptical about how this would work, but I was to the point with my newer Gibson Advanced Jumbo that it was either try a ToneRite or buy a new guitar to use for gigging. The ToneRite was cheaper. I put the it on for the recommended first treatment and noticed a huge difference in the tone. It loosened up dramatically. Then I left it on for a full week and my guitar sounded like it had aged 25+ years. Got it on my Martin now. Even though it has some years of playing on it, the tone has improved on this guitar too. Well worth the money.

Steve Parry  Stillwater, MN
5 1-15-2011
Works great on old and new guitars

I have used this on several guitars - from handmade beauties to vintage classics, new and old - and it worked on all of them. Every guitar I tried it on has opened up and increased in volume. If you can't wait a few years, this is an excellent shortcut! If your vintage guitar isn't getting much love, this will bring it back to life. You just need patience. The longer you use it,the better the results. Put the ToneRite on your guitar and let it sit for several days - or a week! You'll get an even bigger improvement. (It helps to change the "tone" dial occassionally.) It works best on fully acoustic instruments (including archtops).

e_black  Atlanta Read my reviews (2)
5 12-22-2010
The ToneRight

It works and the result "is" increased volume and dynamic range!!!

David Martin - Studio On Third  Marietta, Ohio
5 10-26-2010

I knew this would make a difference especially on new instruments. Once I finish a new guitar I am always concerned about the "break in" period for the players. Being able to put this on for a week before giving to the customer is a great option to help maximize response. My own personal 12 string is only a year old and it did wonders for the overall tone and string definition.
You will not be disappointed if you use this on your new or even older instruments.

Greg Decoteau  Londonderry NH
5 9-20-2010
It really works!

I was really skeptical at first that the ToneRite was just a gimmick, but thought I’d give it a try and am I ever glad that I did. First of all it’s really easy to use, just place the ToneRite over the strings near the bridge, turn it on and forget for a few days.
After using it on a Martin HD-28, I must say that I’m really impressed! Not only is it louder, but the tone improvement is really amazing! I can hardly wait to use it on my other acoustic guitars. If you love acoustic guitars then you owe it to yourself and your guitar to get one of these devices. You won’t regret it!

C Hall  Grand Forks, ND
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