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Search results for “Violin”
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Violin Tuning Peg Violin Tuning Peg
A fine quality 4/4-size traditional polished ebony peg.

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Violin Bridge Fitting Jig Violin Bridge Fitting Jig
This jig holds the bridge in proper lateral and upright alignment for accurate foot contouring, without guesswork.

Violin Purfling Violin Purfling
Black/white/black purflings for violin.

Violin Chinrest Violin Chinrest
Contoured ebony for 4/4 violins.

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Violin Bridge Violin Bridge
German maple, 4/4-size. Ready for final trimming and fitting.

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Violin Saddle Violin Saddle
These ebony violin "saddles" a installed into the edge of the violin under the tailpiece's tailgut.

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Violin Endpin Violin Endpin
Polished ebony endpin.

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Violin Nut Violin Nut
Pre-shaped ebony violin nuts ready for final profiling and slotting.

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Violin Tailpiece Violin Tailpiece
Traditional ebony 4/4 size tailpiece.

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Violin String Adjuster Violin String Adjuster
Attaches to a standard tailpiece for fine-tuning.

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Violin Bow Rosin Violin Bow Rosin
Super-Sensitive Original Rosin is a natural light amber rosin in sturdy wood block, for violin, viola and cello.

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Violin Bow Hair Violin Bow Hair
Genuine unbleached natural horsehair hank for professional bows.

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Brazilwood Violin Bow Brazilwood Violin Bow
Traditional 4/4 bow with ebony frog and a leather grip.

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Cherrywood Violin Bow Cherrywood Violin Bow
Affordable, well-balanced 4/4-size bow with natural unbleached horsehair.

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Shaped Violin Fingerboard Shaped Violin Fingerboard
Fine quality machined ebony, 4/4 size.

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Violin Setup Violin Setup
How to evaluate a violin and get it playing to its potential.

Soundpost Setters Soundpost Setters
Two different tools for placing soundposts into violins.

From $6.54
L.R. Baggs Violin Pickup L.R. Baggs Violin Pickup
Built into a high-quality maple bridge, the Baggs violin pickup sounds fantastic.

Behlen Violin Varnish Behlen Violin Varnish
Natural spirit varnish is the choice of many of the top violin builders and repairmen.

Violin Clamps Violin Clamps
Designed specifically for 4/4 violins, these clamps are perfect for re-attaching backs and tops or closing any gaps between the sides, top, and back.

Machine-carved Violin Neck Machine-carved Violin Neck
Curly maple with carved scroll, pegbox and volute.

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Bending Iron Bending Iron
Controlled heat bending form for guitar, mandolin, violin and dulcimer sides.

From $207.05
Laminated Wood Purfling Laminated Wood Purfling
Black and white wooden purflings to dress up your instruments.

From $2.15
Quantity discounts
Peghole Reamers Peghole Reamers
Get accurate, round holes with these professional reamers.

From $53.98
Purfling/Soundhole Router Guide Purfling/Soundhole Router Guide
Attach to your Dremel to cut purfling channels and soundhole.

1–25 of 58 products 1  2  3 >

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