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Bass parts

Stewart-MacDonald carries a large selection of parts and components for the Fender Precision®, Jazz® and similar basses. They're listed here to help you find all the parts for your project. If you need help building or setting up your guitar, see our i-4003 Electric Guitar and Bass Assembly Guide.

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All Bass

5721 Replacement Neck for Fender Bass - Rosewood fingerboard
5722 Replacement Neck for Fender Bass - Maple fingerboard
5135 Bass Neck Blank

Tuners (4-in-line)
0647 Schaller Bass Machines - Chrome, set of 4-in-line
3803 Adjustable Tension Bass Tuners - 4-in-line, chrome
4240 Hipshot Ultralite Bass Tuner with Schaller-style Knob
4241 Hipshot Ultralite Bass Tuner with Fender-style Knob

String retainer
0172 Bass String Retainer - Chrome
0172-B Bass String Retainer - Black
0172-G Bass String Retainer - Gold

String nut
0187 Micarta Nuts - For Fender
1866 Black TUSQ XL Nuts - For Fender, slotted, top and bottom radius
4750 TUSQ Nuts - For Fender, slotted, top and bottom radius

Neck plate
0131 Neck Mounting Plate - Chrome, with screws
0131-B Neck Mounting Plate - Black, with screws
0131-G Neck Mounting Plate - Gold, with screws

0368 Swamp Ash Body Blank
0369 Alder Body Blank

0093 Gotoh Standard Bass Bridge
0199 Schaller 4-String Roller Bass Bridge - Chrome
0199-B Schaller 4-String Roller Bass Bridge - Black

String ferrules
4595 Bass String Ferrules - Chrome, set of 4
4184 Neck Mounting Ferrules - Chrome, package of 12
4184-B Neck Mounting Ferrules - Black, package of 12
4184-G Neck Mounting Ferrules - Gold, package of 12

Pickguard and control plate
0079 P-Bass Pickguard - Black / white / black
1962 P-Bass Pickguard - Tortoise / mint / black / mint
1963 Jazz Bass Pickguard
0080 Jazz Bass Control Plate
0035 Pickguard Screws for Fender - Chrome
0035-B Pickguard Screws for Fender - Black
0035-G Pickguard Screws for Fender - Gold

Pickups and electronics
0126 JPLP Wiring Kit for Gibson® Les Paul® - With chrome toggle switch
5935 EMG-HZ Bass Pickup - 4-string, 35HZ
5936 EMG-HZ Bass Pickup - 5-string, 40HZ
5412 Golden Age Pickups for Jazz Bass - Set of 2
5413 Golden Age Pickups for P-Bass

0169 Dome Knob - Chrome, 6mm shaft
0169-B Dome Knob - Black, 6mm shaft
0169-G Dome Knob - Gold, 6mm shaft
4936 Ebony Dome Knob
4937 Ivoroid Dome Knob
4944 Pearloid-top Dome Knob - Chrome
4944-B Pearloid-top Dome Knob - Black
4944-G Pearloid-top Dome Knob - Gold
4945 Abalone Top Dome Knob - Chrome
4945-B Abalone Top Dome Knob - Black
4945-G Abalone Top Dome Knob - Gold

Jack plate
0135 Jack Cup for Tele - Cup with retainer clip
4283 Electrosocket Jack Mount - Silver
4283-B Electrosocket Jack Mount - Black
4283-G Electrosocket Jack Mount - Gold

Strap buttons
0170 Strap Buttons - Chrome, set of 2
0170-B Strap Buttons - Black, set of 2
0170-G Strap Buttons - Gold, set of 2
4018 Strap Button Felt Washers - Cream, package of 10
1863 Gripper Strap Buttons - Set of 2
2030 Grover Quick-release Strap Locks - Chrome, set of 2
2031 Grover Strap Buttons for Strap Locks - Chrome, set of 2
2030-G Grover Quick-release Strap Locks - Gold, set of 2
2031-G Grover Strap Buttons for Strap Locks - Gold, set of 2
2030-B Grover Quick-release Strap Locks - Black, set of 2
2031-B Grover Strap Buttons for Strap Locks - Black, set of 2
2030-N Grover Quick-release Strap Locks - Nickel, set of 2
2031-N Grover Strap Buttons for Strap Locks - Nickel, set of 2
0246-B Dunlop Straplok System - Black
0257 Lokstrap System - Set of 2

Reference material
0570 Guitar Player Repair Guide

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