Guitar Repair Vise

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Guitar Repair Vise

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Guitar Repair Vise

The luthier's favorite vise is even easier to use, thanks to custom modifications: bearing-smooth operation, fast crank handwheel, and urethane/hardwood swivel jaws.

Custom modifications make it the best!
Don't mistake our vise for one of the many copycats! We've customized our Guitar Repair Vise to give it bearing-smooth operation that you won't find elsewhere. Turn the fast-crank handwheel and you'll immediately feel the difference.

Customized four ways:
1. Fast-crank handwheel with removable handle
2. Roller bearings for fast smooth opening/closing
3. Protective urethane surfaces on custom hardwood jaws
4. Nylon-core adjustable tension nuts control 360° jaw rotation

A good vise is the central hub of your workshop. Every repair or building job benefits from a solid, secure vise, and if it's actually a pleasure to use that's all the better!

Our Guitar Repair Vise is 32 pounds of steel that rotates full-circle to position the work for comfortable access. Each inch-thick hardwood jaw rotates too, with forgiving urethane surfaces to hold instruments of any shape/any size. This vise holds a the tapered angles of a neck securely without needing any shims. Nylon-core adjustment nuts set the tension on the rotating jaws, so you can let them spin loosely or hold their angle. The vise jaws open to a maximum of 6" (15.24cm).

We've built in a roller bearing so the vise opens and adjusts smoothly - and added a crank handle to make it speedy. (The handle's conveniently removable, too.)

The sturdy base can be installed under your workbench for 8" vise height, or on top for 9-3/4" height. The threaded mounting rod and large wingnut mount the vise quickly on any benchtop up to 4-1/2" thick.

Extra parts for the Guitar Repair Vise available.
Replacement parts for your vise and upgrading older vises.

SAVE when you order the Vise and ShopStand together!

ShopStand and Guitar Repair Vise Set is the perfect combo to set up your vise to be a sturdy, 360-degree swiveling money saver!

Trade Secrets!

Hot tip: A new way to use your guitar repair vise

Compact, low-profile guitar repair setup: Dan Erlewine removes the mounting base and bolts his StewMac Guitar Repair vise to the end of his bench, for a new low-angle working style. Also: a quick tour of Dan's customized workbench.

Ideas for your shop: arranging your bench and vise

Where to put the workbench in your shop? And where to put the vise on that bench? Dan Erlewine's helps a friend with those questions in his new garage workshop.

New ways to use the Guitar Repair Vise

In this issue of Trade Secrets, Dan makes his Guitar Repair Vise sit up and roll over. Who knew cast iron could be so flexible?

Product Instructions

Guitar Repair Vise Installation Instructions

Set up directions for the Guitar Repair vise.

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Corner bench Vice

(Customer's Reviews)

Great vice, I have used it again and again without issue. I love the turn crank. Just two complaints that keep it from a 5, price and it would be nice to be able to replace the pads inside the vise with both replacement and different material linings... I do a lot of french polishing and gluing...


So solid

(Customer's Reviews)

This is an amazing piece of equipment. I almost purchased a cheaper version of this vise and I am glad I purchased this one. So solid. I saw it's potential even before I closed the jaws for the first time.


A must-have!

(Customer's Reviews)

Wow - I can't believe I didn't buy one of these sooner. There are so many things that you can do with this vise, but the one thing that comes to mind right now is scraping the sides of a Tele-style guitar. I used to sit on the basement steps with the guitar body between my knees, trying to make the scraper behave. Now, with the body in this vise, I can get much more leverage and stability with a metal scraper and the results prove it!


Repair Vise an A+

(Customer's Reviews)

I love this tool! It has made my job of sanding, so much easier. I highly recommend it as an essential for any builder.


How did I get along without it?

(Customer's Reviews)

How did I get along without it? That's the only thing I can say after using the guitar repair vise for a few months. I've been a hobbyist luthier since the late 90's and dealing with various vises to hold the guitar while I work. Nothing has approached the ease and versatility of this tool. And shipping to Hawaii was super fast and cheap! Thanks Stew-Mac!! This is a photo of the vise holding a travel guitar project.


Not as good as it looks on the pictures

(Customer's Reviews)

The concept is good and it works fine but it feels cheap with quite rough machining, casting and terrible paintwork. As another reviewer has said it is not a precision piece of machinery. Severely overpriced.I would be happy if it would had cost me half of what I paid. Made in Taiwan.


Guitar Repair Vise

(Customer's Reviews)

After years without one, I don't know how I worked so efficiently! It's the centerpiece of my workbench. Well-built and easy to use. Stewmac hit another home-run.



(Customer's Reviews)

Fully functional. Perhaps not as precision built as you may expect but excellent none the less.

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