Neck Joint Routing Template For Fender

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Neck Joint Routing Template For Fender

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Neck Joint Routing Template For Fender

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For guitars and basses. Accurate template for Fender and guitars with bolt-on necks.

Dual-purpose: with patterns for both guitar and bass. Laser-cut acrylic with accurate centerline.

Use this template with our 1/2" Ball Bearing Router Bit to create a clean neck pocket for guitar or bass.

The template is slightly oversize to allow for variations in neck width and finish thickness. To rout a smaller neck pocket, reduce the template size by adding a few layers of binding tape. To learn more see instructions.

Note: both the guitar and bass routs are shaped for necks with radiused heels (Strat®, Jaguar, P-Bass®, J-Bass®). The guitar rout is not intended for use with Telecaster® necks (which have a square heel). Typical neck joint rout depth for a Fender® guitar or bass neck is 5/8".



Product Instructions

Fender Neck Joint Routing Template Instructions

How to rout a neck joint pocket using the Neck Joint Routing Template for Fender.

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Easy to use

(Customer's Reviews)

This is just the right thickness. With the use of a spacer on the first pass, it only takes three passes with a pattern router bit to couplet the neck joint. Nice addition to the shop.



(Customer's Reviews)

Fender-style necks are made nowadays by machines with remarkable precision, and the specs are well-known. So why then does this template not conform to them? The Strat-end is slightly oversized, but the bass end is grossly oversized. The instructions tell you to 'tighten it up' with layers of tape. It takes several layers of tape to 'tighten-up' the bass end, and the tape thing really doesn't work all that well. AND IT SHOULD NOT BE NECESSARY. The whole point of a template is that it FITS. I can understand a little wiggle room to allow for finishing, but this is ridiculous. Not all finishes are thick anyway, in fact most neck finishes are quite thin.

Here is a different way of looking at it: There is just one 'right', but an infinity of 'wrongs'. Given the choice of matching the one right, or a random one of many wrongs, why would you choose wrong? The odds of the wrong template matching a wrong neck are near nil; whereas a right template has good chance of matching a right neck.

It is a simple matter to file out a too-tight neck pocket, or sand down an out-of spec neck, which is the right way to fix that. But once you cut a body too far, it is difficult to impossible to put the wood back. This 'template' errs completely on the wrong side - the side that can't be fixed. I've cut tighter pockets free-hand.

The clear material and centerline are nice, but it needs to be wider to support the router and thicker to allow you to start the bit. I just filled-in the sides of mine with paper and CA glue and filed them to a snug fit on a finished standard bass neck. I think I will use it one more time to make a new template out of 3/4" mdf.

In short, this template works, but it is flawed and could be a lot better. Come on, StewMac, give us a good one! If you were to offer an 'exact fit' template alongside this sloppy mess, you'd sell a lot more of those than these. Who would want the sloppy one?

If I didn't know better, I'd say this template is actually a manufacturing error, it is so far out-of-spec.


didnt work for me

(Customer's Reviews)

I can only speak for the guitar side of this template. I am a first time builder and I bought a replacement strat neck with maple fingerboard. This template was a little too big. I had to trace the neck and make my own template. Stewmac has a tip to put tape on the inside but the tape comes off as you rout.

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