Precision Straightedges

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Precision Straightedges 12" length

12" length

Item # 3849
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Precision Straightedges 18" length

18" length

Item # 3850
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Precision Straightedges 24" length

24" length

Item # 3799
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Precision Straightedges 36" length

36" length

Item # 3800
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Precision Straightedges

About This Item

For accurate fretting and neck evaluation.
We make our Precision Straightedges specifically for checking neck straightness and relief, evaluating truss rod adjustments, and pinpointing high or low frets. Available in four lengths, for working on any fretted instrument, from mandolins to guitars to basses.

The narrow beveled edge allows easy and accurate viewing of the gap between the edge and the surface being checked. Made of durable stainless steel with a satin finish for easy marking with a pencil, each straightedge is precision-machined for accuracy to ±.0015" per foot.

These straightedges are also ideal for laying out projects on wood or paper, and for setting up table saws, jointers and other shop equipment.

Made from surgical stainless steel, hardened and tempered for lasting accuracy.

#3850 18" Precision Straightedge is part of our Basic Setup Kit.

For acoustic guitars, our Neck Set Gauge is designed to attach to the #3799 24" Precision Straightedge.

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Absolute necessity for any guitar repair shop!

(Customer's Reviews)

I bought this straightedge to do My own fret dressing. It is dead accurate and well made.


Great for setting relief

(Customer's Reviews)

Easier and quicker than using feeler gauges to set relief on your guitar neck.


Always wanted one!

(Customer's Reviews)

It's finally nice to have a good quality straight edge for my "Tech work"

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