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You'll get fine control for spot lacquer finishing, stain retouching and custom graphics with this affordable, easy to clean airbrush set.

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Airbrush Outfit Airbrush Outfit

Airbrush Outfit

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Airbrush Outfit Extra 2-ounce jar with lid

Extra 2-ounce jar with lid

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Airbrush for guitar finishing

Dan Erlewine uses this easy, inexpensive airbrush for guitar finish touchups and and small spray jobs.

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You'll get fine control for spot lacquer finishing, stain retouching and custom graphics with this affordable, easy to clean airbrush set.

We've used it with good results, and we think it's a great value.

The outfit includes everything you need to hook up to your compressor and spray at 15-60 psi. The siphon-feed airbrush has a .4mm nozzle and adjustable fluid cap.

Unlike other airbrushes that have an annoyingly stiff plastic hose, this one includes a 10-ft. flexible braided hose that gives you a full range of motion.

Two extra glass jars are supplied for mixing and thinning lacquer and stains (many other airbrushes have plastic jars that can react with solvents and finishes). These 2-ounce jars are handy for storing partially used mixes.

Lacquer should be strained and thinned 1:1 before spraying. Not recommended for spraying waterbase finishes.

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Airbrush Outfit

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Nice affordable airbrush

(Customer's Reviews)

This is a very nice little airbrush kit.I ordered an extra glass sealable paint jar and now have three paint jars.All of the seals for the air brush come with it but they include extra seals.All you need is a little air compressor and some fittings and your ready to go.I thought it couldn't hurt to have a little air brush around.The compressors are very cheap to buy and it beats painting with cans.The colortone aerosol is very awesome stuff if you know how to use it but nothing beats having extra spray pressure and a more even coat.



(Customer's Reviews)

Great little helper although I can't find an adaptor that screws on the UK propellant can that fits the tubing! Sure it is excellent as have similar 'Badger' ones here in UK that are reliable for touchups when you know what you are doing.


good brush for the price

(Customer's Reviews)

This is a good little brush for the price. Use it for touch ups and bursts works great.


Not really...

(Customer's Reviews)

I bought two of these brushes and can say that after spending a weekend with them I just bought a professional brush to do the job and set these aside for random hobby tasks. and after having one hose end fitting blow off the air hose at 40 psi, What this brush lacks is the fine adjustments of a more expensive brush.

When dialed down to almost no material, the spray pattern was still just too wide and messy for the 1/2", black to clear fade-in I needed to accomplish(much harder than a sunburst!). I'm sure I could have done it with this brush if I wanted to bad enough and this brush is all many hobbyists would require but for precision detail work I would have to say spend the extra money and get something a little more substantial.

If you want to shoot a water-based finish, try something with a universal needle & tip around 75mm that can shoot more viscous materials, be dialed from pencil lead thickness to a wide cone and be easily disassembled for easy clean-up. This brush is far better than any other brush I looked at in the price range so don't overlook this if you are a do-it-yourselfer that isn't planning on heavy usage.

I gave this 2 star instead of three because one air hose was defective(but repairable) and the spout on the feed-jar cap are molded into the plastic cap unlike higher quality ones and is likely to fail some time down the road


Airbrush Royale :)

(Customer's Reviews)

Sure you may pay more in money in another airbrush, but I'm not any airbrush artist, so for my repairs it is just perfect, comes with a really nice hose too. Excellent choice for making sunburst around F holes...


Great Little Brush

(Customer's Reviews)

I used this for a minor repair on Spruce finished with KTM-9. It put out an easily controlled spray from nothing to a little or a lot the adjustment worked great. It should have come with a cap for the bottle attached to the airbrush so the finish material could be stored in the bottle.

StewMac did not recommend this airbrush for water based finishes, but, I used it with KTM-9, a waterborne finish developed for acoustic guitars, and it worked fine. StewMac was concerned about clogging the nozzle. I kept a cup of water handy and sprayed from it and blew the suction tube clear with lung power. I shot the water then finished with alcohol spray. I think even a clog could be made to come loose in an ultrasonic cleaner like that used to clean glasses.

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