Tune-o-Medic Bridge and Tailpiece Tools

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Tune-o-Medic Bridge and Tailpiece Tools Bridge Jack

Bridge Jack

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Tune-o-Medic Bridge and Tailpiece Tools Replacement Bridge Jack felt

Replacement Bridge Jack felt

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Tune-o-Medic Bridge and Tailpiece Tools Post Tool

Post Tool

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Tune-o-Medic Bridge and Tailpiece Tools Stop Tailpiece Wrench

Stop Tailpiece Wrench

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Tune-o-Medic Bridge and Tailpiece Tools

Installing, adjusting, and replacing Tune-o-matic guitar bridges and 'stop' tailpieces is daily work in busy guitar shops.

Our new Tune-o-Medic tools — the Bridge Jack, Post Tool and Stop Tailpiece Wrench — make the work faster and easier!

Sold individually or SAVE when you buy the set of all three tools.

Tune-o-Medic Bridge Jack
Adjust Tune-o-matic bridges quickly without loosening the strings — using the same tool Gibson used in their original Kalamazoo factory. Lift a Tune-o-matic with this jack and you can adjust the thumbscrews up or down freely, and without pressure from the strings you'll no longer damage the plating on the hardware.

With the Bridge Jack, you can even hold the guitar in the playing position and jack up the bridge with one hand while watching the 12th-fret action — when it looks right, spin the thumbwheel to hold that height.

The stainless steel Bridge Jack includes thick self-adhesive felt padding to help protect the guitar top. An extra pad and instructions are included.

Tune-o-Medic Post Tool
When Tune-o-matic bridge posts are bent, the bridge leans and intonation suffers. It becomes hard to turn the thumbwheels to set the bridge height, and the threaded posts may even be uncomfortable against the player's hand. The Post Tool makes it easy to remove, install or straighten these posts.

Interchangeable threaded brass inserts (6-32 thread for Gibson, and M4 x.75 thread for imports) snap into the Post Tool's handle. Simply thread the tool onto the post until it's flush against the thumbwheel, tighten the wheel against the tool, and hold the two together to turn the post for installation, removal, or height adjustment.

Instructions are included — we also include matching drill bits for correctly reinstalling the posts in new holes when needed.

Stop Tailpiece Wrench
The Stop Tailpiece Wrench has a thick screwdriver tip recessed into a smooth-walled socket that fits the 1/2" (12.70mm) diameter tailpiece stud snugly. The socket keeps the wrench centered, to protect the stud's plating and avoid accidents that could mar the guitar top. Made of tool steel, with a durable plastic handle. Our thanks to guitar techs Paul Verticchio and Jerry Barnstable for suggesting this tool.

Overall length is 7-3/4" (196.85mm). Inside diameter of the socket is 17/32" (13.49mm). This tool will work on tailpiece studs with 17/32" (13.49mm) maximum diameter.

Trade Secrets!

Fixing a Tune-O-Matic that won't tune

This bridge is in the wrong spot, so the guitar can’t play in tune. Rather than drill new holes in a vintage guitar body, Dan Erlewine comes up with a clever solution.

Product Instructions

Tune-o-matic installation and set up tips

Tips for installing and setting up a Tune-o-matic bridge using Tune-o-Medic Bridge and Tailpiece Tools.

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Stop Tailpiece Wrench: a little no fit problem

(Customer's Reviews)

expensive yes , well made yes. But the Stop Tailpiece wrench wont fit.
I took to it with a dremel and ground away the edge of the slot and the outer case . It now fits my epiphone dot. Not the quality I expect of usa made tools


Stop Tailpiece Wrench - the absolute must-have for all the TOM/Stoptail guitars

(Customer's Reviews)

Recently got this in the post from StewMac and couldn't be happier - sure, it isn't cheap, but it's worth it. This wrench works beautifully with the stoptail studs, and is especially handy for the TonePros Locking Studs, which I also highly recommend.

Of course, as with any tools - this applies to luthier tools as much as any builder tools - make sure that you do not overtighten/overexert when using this tool to avoid marring/damaging the studs.

Cheery-o from London-town


Useful Tool

(Customer's Reviews)

I wish I had purchased this sooner. Makes setting up a TOM bridge quicker and easier.

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