Double-edge Nut Files

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The most durable and efficient nut-slotting files available. Specially designed for nut slotting, each file cuts two different width slots.

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The most durable and efficient nut-slotting files available. Specially designed for nut slotting, each file cuts two different width slots.

Each 9/16" x 7-5/8" (14.29mm x 193.67mm) steel file cuts on the edges only, and tapers from the center to a different thickness on each cutting edge. The set of six files does the work of twelve!

Rubber-coated handles give firm, comfortable control for the job. The complete set includes edge widths for filing round-bottom nut slots on most stringed instruments, including basses. Each file's cutting edge is approximately 3-7/8" (98.43mm) long.

What files do I need?
Choose nut slotting files that are the same size or no more that a few thousands larger than your individual string gauges. A smaller file can also be rocked side-to-side to widen a slot to the desired size. For example, you can cut a .043" slot with a .042" file by moving it around a bit.

The most popular Double-edge Nut Files are included in the Essential Nut Making Tool Kit, which has all the basic tools you'll need for shaping, string-spacing, slotting and fitting string nuts like a pro.

Tip: Customize your files
We recommend that you mark on each side of your files so while working you can quickly tell the different gauge of cut.

Here's how: make a cut on a scrap piece of bone or wood with both sides of the nut file, then measure the width of each cut with feeler gauges to determine which side is which. Guitar strings of known gauges will also work as measuring tools in a pinch.

Once you have determined the proper edge, mark the file accordingly with a permanent marker.

Product Instructions

Making a Nut, Step-by-Step

Dan Erlewine, of Stewart-MacDonald's R&D Team, walks you through making and installing a new nut.

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Double-edge Nut Files

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Use them everyday

By P Smith from Cary, NC
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wouldn't be without them. Only issue is it would be nice to have the size labels more clearly delineate which side of the file is what size especially in the smaller sizes. Sometimes it's hard to tell.

Easier than my set of 10

By Julyan Wallis, Guitar Doctor / J Gu from Cornwall, UK
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, June 15, 2011

HARD wearing, have gone through a lot of sets of the separate nut file sets from other suppliers which clog and are hard to clean. Simple to work out which side is which by filing on scrap wood, it's visible to see the thicker edge.

Still learning

By Todd from Winnipeg Manitoba
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, June 09, 2011

These seem to be very nice files. Definitely more expensive than any files I've ever bought. I've only tried them so far on a plastic nut to reshape the angle on a Les Paul string pull on the back side of the nut. The only negative on the product itself would be the size labeling. It will eventually wear off. It has started already on my crown files.

Double Edged Nut Files

By Muso.Greg from Australia
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, May 26, 2011

These certainly allowed a neater and surer way to bed the nut in. Works well and the sizes are pretty much spot on for the uses I have.

Great Nut Files

By Wilmer Gingerich from Jamesport MO
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, April 25, 2011

Another great StewMac product! Super easy to use and plenty of sizes. Use a smaller size and rock back and forth for intermediate sizes.

Right Tool For the Right Job

By Rich S from Sussex County, New Jersey
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I used the Double-edge nut file to cut in a new nut for an inexpensive guitar that was made poorly, it didn't have a seat for the nut. To stop the nut from angling back they filled in the gap with glue. I'm new to guitar repair and I can't believe the professional result I got from this file. I've upgraded the nut from a plastic one to a tusq one and it looks like a pro did the work. I feel the results were only possible with this excellent file.

It's a Good Tool.

By Blazzio from Brazil
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, March 24, 2011

These filesis good and realy save time,but the end of the edges are flat in small sizes and little bit round at big sizes!
If they had the end edges perfectly round like a string, i do not have use the old strings to make the round cuts, will very very good a tool can do it!

Double edge nut files

By svisio from san francisco california
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, March 06, 2011

I bought all of the nut files and they are awesome,, they do the job well and make it very easy to determine the width of the slots.

Great product,very worth the price.

They are well made, and will last a long time as long as one takes care of them by putting them away after each use.

good tools, not enough sizes

By Nate Clark from Ithaca, NY
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, March 03, 2011

These work great, if you don't need to cut a nut slot for a .016" string. The taper is too steep on these to simply rock the .012" to get a good fit for a .016" string. You inevitably end up with a slot that's too loose. This problem would be solved if they started selling the .016" double edge file again, or made the taper a little shallower on the .012".

Double edge nut file

By Mitch from Nerw Berlin
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Works great for me on a Tenor Banjo. I can get very accurate with the two sizes I have, then very close to right for the next two by using side pressure for the wider strings.

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