Neck Joint Steamer

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Neck Joint Steamer Needle, hose and clamp

Needle, hose and clamp

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Neck Joint Steamer Needle and hose adapter

Needle and hose adapter

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Neck Joint Steamer

About This Item

Injecting steam into a dovetail neck joint, through a small hole drilled in a fret slot, helps loosen the glue for neck removal.

Our hose assembly has an extra-long 3-1/2" x 5/64" injector needle, insulating rubber handle, 1/4" hose rated for heat and pressure, and hose clamp for attachment to a pressure cooker or other steam source (such as a espresso/cappuccino maker).

Use with our Neck Removal Jig for faster, cleaner dovetail neck joint disassembly.

This product is made exclusively for Stewart-MacDonald by

Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

The damage caused by storing a guitar in a hot car or attic

Erick Coleman fixes a slipped neck joint on a beautiful Gibson ES-125, showing what can happen to glue joints that get too hot.


Product Instructions

Guitar Neck Removal

The Neck Removal Jig applies gradual, controlled pressure for safely steaming the neck out of a dovetail joint.

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It Works!

(Customer's Reviews)

I successfully took a fret board and neck off today. I'm experimenting on an inexpensive 12 string before I make changes to a Martin w/a cracked top (I want to replace top and binding). The key to steaming is understanding how the neck is joined to guitar: otherwise you may not be steaming a joint. Drilling down through fret joint at body and the frets nearest the sound hole and injecting steam, I noticed the guitar filling with water from steamer, and the spruce top under fret board was getting soft. Turns out guitar neck is simply butt jointed to body with 7 wooden pins in different places to make fast, cheap connection. An expensive guitar will use mortise and tenon, and you need to know the measurements of where all those joins are. I changed tactics and drilled 3 holes under fret board where nut was. I slowly pried the fret board off from that direction with very thin spatula type blade. I actually got fret board off in one piece. Then I could see how neck was attached with wooden pins on top, assumed heel of neck was same and was right. It took several hours to melt glue with steam. This requires patience, but it works! And the customer service department has been awesome in helping me with this project. I'm customizing and Epiphone LPJ with Stewmac accessories and having great success. Thanks guys!


Worth the price

(Customer's Reviews)

It seemed pricey, but I was pleased to see how substantial and well made the needle and hose were. The plastic clamp provided was useless but I fixed that problem with a 20 cent adjustable metal hose clamp. There is a knack to steaming off a neck but by the third one I felt comfortable. This is the right tool for the job!


Works well, but watch out for steam!!!

(Customer's Reviews)

This tool was just what I needed to soften the glue on a dovetail neck joint. It works very well. It is made of a good grade of hose with a thick handle to insulate the user's hand from the heat. But, beware: A good source of steam (I use a simple cappuccino machine)heats the hose AND the handle to a high temperature. Even with the handle, I would suggest using a good, heavy glove to protect your hand. Be careful, too, of letting the hose touch anything that might be melted by the heat.

Finally, the included plastic clip used to attach the hose to the source of heat proved to be inadequate for the steam pressure from my cappuccino machine. The hose blew off the cappuccino machine tube, spraying steam all over the workbench. I finally installed TWO stainless steel screw-clamps to hold the hose to the tube. All is now secure.

Steam is an excellent tool to soften glue, but be careful! Steam is a very hot, uncontrollable source of heat and can cause severe burns.

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