OptiVISOR Headband Magnifier

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See better to do better work! The OptiVISOR flip-up magnifier frees both hands for inlaying, wiring, fret dressing and other close work.

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OptiVISOR Headband Magnifier OptiVISOR


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OptiVISOR Headband Magnifier Quasar LS lights only

Quasar LS lights only

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OptiVISOR Headband Magnifier 1.5X magnification lens only

1.5X magnification lens only

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OptiVISOR Headband Magnifier with Quasar LS Lights

OptiVISOR Headband Magnifier with Quasar LS Lights

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OptiVISOR Headband Magnifier

Dan Erlewine demos his most used tool: the OptiVISOR.

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See better to do better work! The OptiVISOR flip-up magnifier frees both hands for inlaying, wiring, fret dressing and other close work.

The OptiVISOR comes with 2X magnification lens with a 10" (25.4cm) focal length — good for medium-close work like pearl cutting, inlaying, engraving and fret-dressing. The lenses are removable so you can switch to the 1.5X lens (#1688, sold separately), which gives you the option of a broader view.

Snap the Quasar LS™ high-intensity lights on the front of your OptiVISOR and really light up your work! High efficiency LEDs (light emitting diodes) surround the lenses to virtually eliminate shadows in hard-to-light areas. The lightweight battery box (with on/off switch) attaches easily to the OptiVISOR frame. Two AA batteries are included.

"However did I manage without it?"
—Stefan Sobell, renowned luthier Northumberland, England

If you've watched our videos, you know ace repairman Dan Erlewine is seldom without his OptiVISOR!

Lenses are optically-ground polished glass. Headband is adjustable and comfortably padded.

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OptiVISOR Headband Magnifier

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maybe good for reading??

By ajw from concord
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, May 22, 2014

Seemed like a good idea, but I should have known better. If your goal is to illuminate your work for cutting or carving, for me this product is useless. First, the fatal flaw is that you need the light to come from the side, or at be directed in the precise place you need, and that's not possible in this setup. The second problem is that the light is a ghastly color and too bright. I know this is done to get more lumens, but still. Then lastly the weight of it keeps dragging the visor down. Will struggle to find any use for this product.

A "Must Have"  for EVERY shop

By Stringdriver from US
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, March 31, 2014

This headband is by far my favorite tool purchase of recent memory. I opted to go with the light set, and I'm very glad I did. My close up vision when wearing contacts is terrible, and I was hoping that this headband visor would help. Help is not the word for it. I cannot imagine doing close work without it. I may get the lesser-power lens, but for now, I'm very glad I paid for such a high-quality tool. The lights are so bright that you'll only look "into" them ONCE, and you'll work to be considerate of others so not to shine them in their eyes... they are that bright. Some guys pay more for a round of golf or beers in a night than these cost...invest in yourself...I'm very glad I did.


By Lotus from Arlington WA
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tried some other approaches but this thing works good, but be sure and get the lights. Still have to be right up on the item to see clear, but the vision is clear and a must for guitar work


By Tim Skau from Norway
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, March 10, 2014

I have been thinking about getting this for some time now, and I finally did. It's great, and now I use it all the time. It is a bit pricey, but I tried some cheaper alternatives and the quality was poor. I expect these to last a long time. Also, I use the lights on it a lot of the time, they proved to be more valuable than I originally expected. This one is highly recommended

Great thing!

By Christian Doerr Master-Luthier from Neustadt an der Weinstrasse Germany
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, February 15, 2014

The older I get the more I need it ;-)

No brainer

By bravo667 from Brampton, ON
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, February 03, 2014

Why would you wait till your eyesight got bad to get a pair of these, they allow you to do a much better job on all of your repair jobs, I especially love using them for crowning frets

Perfect Vision

By JDBenitez from Naguabo, Pueto Rico
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, February 02, 2014

I am 62 years old and my vision is not the best, for details of precision. To solve my problem I bought a lighted magnifying glass which was a hindrance to perform the work. When purchasing the OptiVISOR Headband Magnifier from Stew-Mac, I felt blessed, to perform any work, with my hands free and a vision incredibly illuminated and magnified that allows me to see all the details. Thanks Stew-Mac.
I strongly recommend this item to my friends.


By Stevie P from NH
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I needed to cope some base molding and grabbed my OptiVISOR. Man it was like having it under a microscope. Came out perfect. I never realized how easy it is when you can see at that resolution!

Great Product

By Sward from Centennial, CO USA
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, December 16, 2013

I finally had the opportunity to use the OptiVISOR (with lights) to cut the wood for an abalone inlay in the handle of a fish landing net that I made for my father. Without the OptiVISOR , I would have been all over the handle, which is made of paduk, walnut and maple. The inlay dots were placed at 6", 12" and 18" for measuring the size of the fish caught. Anything over 18" probably comes with a big fish tale. The net turned out fantastic due to the accuracy of the inlay cuts while using the OptiVISOR. Great product. Happy Birthday Dad - 90 years old

Now I Get It!

By StratSlinger from Davidson, NC
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, December 06, 2013

I always wondered how in the world I was supposed to be able to read the tiny measurements (millimeters, etc.) when setting up my guitars. Before I kind of eyeballed it until I got this. Wow - now I see (pun intended) how this can actually be done precisely. Get the light too. Great for so many things, I don't work on my guitars without it.

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