3-Piece Inspection Mirror

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3-Piece Inspection Mirror

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3-Piece Inspection Mirror

About This Item

Here's a versatile 3-piece set of mirrors that you can tape together, fold up, and insert into a soundhole.

When unfolded inside the guitar, it gives you a 7-1/2" x 12" flat viewing surface, for the big picture of the guitar's interior. Made of nonbreakable mirrored acrylic, it frees both your hands for the job. Supplied untaped.

Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

Workin' in the soundhole with the scissor jack and a mirror

Dan Erlewine's got a repair that needs repairing again. Working inside the guitar body is too tight for comfort, but Dan shows some tools and tips that make it easier.

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Good tool w/ 2 reasonable limits

(Customer's Reviews)

I find it better than a hand held mirror w/ an LED, it certainly shows more of the insides. I found 2 problems with this mirror but have only 1 solution. #1, this folding mirror has 2 inherent "seams", 2 edges where the 3 sections come together inside the guitar. These seams interrupt my view of the inside. #2: It's too big for me to get it inside anything smaller than a dreadnaught guitar. I cannot get it into any classical guitar. Easy solution to that; I just took a hacksaw to it and shortened it. To me this was money well spent and I will continue to use it until someone offers a mirror that can bend & roll to the confines of a guitar box.


Horrible !

(Customer's Reviews)

Loved it for first 2 years. Then out of the blue the mirror became foggy. It was always stored in it s original cover and a droor. first i thought it was dirty so i washed it with water. It think it just mirror sticker used that desintegrate...


The big picture!

(Customer's Reviews)

Being able to see a much wider panoramic view of the inside of a Martin D28 is a lot better than using one of those little inspection mirrors. Truly give you the "big" picture. Easy to use and handy and all get out! Good idea, good product!

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