Freehand Holder

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Freehand Holder Freehand Holder

Freehand Holder

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Freehand Holder Extra attachment for acoustics

Extra attachment for acoustics

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Freehand Holder Extra attachment for solidbodies

Extra attachment for solidbodies

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Freehand Holder

About This Item

Spray a better finish with less work! Our versatile guitar body holder makes spray finishing easier and more efficient.

How do you hold a guitar body to spray a finish? Hang it on a ceiling hook and weave around it while you trip over your spray hose? Fasten it to a stick and hold it up until your arm cramps? Prop it up and hope it doesn't fall over when you bump your worktable?

The unique Freehand Holder is our new solution. It's an easier way to hold a body or neck securely, for a more uniform finish.

Freehand Holder includes:
• Sturdy steel frame
• Rotating handwheel shaft
• One solidbody attachment
• One acoustic attachment

Clamp the sturdy steel frame into your vise and fasten the guitar body or neck to the rotating handwheel shaft. Attachments for solidbody and acoustic neck joints are included. Now simply turn the wheel as you spray. The body moves to you, not the other way around, for easy, uniform spray coverage. A smoother finish means you'll save time and effort at the sanding stage, too.

The wheel has Allen-adjustable resistance. To switch bodies quickly for production finishing, extra body attachments are available separately—you can spray one while another dries.

You'll probably discover other work-saving uses for the Freehand Holder, we'd love to hear about it!


Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

Dan Erlewine's low-tech "spray booth" for a small shop

Dan Erlewine shows how he sprays finish touchups in a small shop with no spray booth.

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Helpful tool for Spray Room

(Customer's Reviews)

The Freehand Holder is a very useful tool when spraying guitar body and guitar necks. For my set up it was not practical to have a floor mounted vice to clamp the Freehand Holder. I made a rotating hanging clamp vice, refer to photos. This arrangement works effectively in my spray room. Stewart MacDonald have again produced another great tool for guitar builders.

WJ Guitars, Australia


Freehand holder

(Customer's Reviews)

Recently received the Freehand holder and I immediately put it to work. What a pleasure it was not to struggle with supporting the guitar in one hand and spraying with the other. The cost of the system is reasonable however I think the cost of additional body and neck attachments is a bit dear. I still plan to purchase them.


Great product

(Customer's Reviews)

This device reduced my dread of finishing by 50%-
You can tilt your project to get the best light reflection and see exactly where your spray is going, then swing it level to dry without dripping.
Highly recommended.

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