Saddle Routing Jig

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Saddle Routing Jig

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Saddle Routing Jig

Fast, accurate saddle installations! Slot an acoustic guitar bridge easily and accurately every time. A StewMac exclusive.

We designed this handy jig here in our shops, to solve the tricky router alignment problems you'll encounter when creating or correcting a bridge saddle slot.

It's become a repair shop "must-have," with versatile time-saving uses that will give you easy, accurate results every time.

Slot a new bridge
Slot for a compensated saddle—split saddles too!
Fix an incorrectly located saddle
Flatten the bottom of a slot for an undersaddle pickup
  (crucial for proper pickup response)

The jig works seamlessly with our Precision Router Base and your Dremel. Don't have a Dremel? An adapter for the popular Bosch Colt router is also included (you can drill it to fit other brands of laminate trimmers, too).

Simply clamp the jig at the guitar's soundhole and tailblock. It's made of clear acrylic for easy positioning, with sponge padding to help level the jig on arched soundboards. Thumbscrews allow precise fingertip adjustment of cutter alignment, saddle compensation, slot length and width. Clear acrylic adapter plates are included.

Instructions are supplied with the jig. Clamps, router base and Dremel not included.

TIP: Before using the jig, you'll need to know precisely where to rout. The Saddlematic and the Intonator take away the guesswork.

Trade Secrets!

Finding the right location for a guitar's saddle slot

This issue shows how to locate and cut the saddle slot for an acoustic bridge.

Product Instructions

Saddle Routing Jig Instructions

The Saddle Routing Jig lets you slot a new bridge with a traditional single saddle or 2-piece compensated saddle, fill and move an existing saddle slot, widen a saddle slot for a compensated saddle, or flatten the bottom of the slot for a saddle transducer pickup.

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This jig makes precise slotting easy

(Customer's Reviews)

A heavy duty, well-designed jig that makes slotting a bridge easy and precisely accurate. I use plunge cuts and gradually increase the depth of each pass to obtain perfect results. Nice flat slot bottoms for good pickup contact too.



(Customer's Reviews)

A great jig for any type of bridge work. Lots of uses for this!


The perfect jig

(Customer's Reviews)

After shaking and sweating, I took my courage and my Dremel in hands and cut the perfect saddle slot with this perfect jig. Easy and accurate to use even for a new comer!


Does more than it says on the tin

(Customer's Reviews)

Excellent piece of kit - easy to set up and more precise than I had hoped. I'm glad I didn't waste time and money trying to build one

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