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A money-making tool that can pay for itself with the first job! Special cutters form precisely dished cavities in the bridge plate, and matching wooden plugs.

Lower a mirror into a flattop guitar... You may notice that the bridge pin holes are chipped out, especially if the guitar has been restrung many times or if the holes were drilled carelessly. The ball ends of the strings can't seat as they should, and that means the guitar may not sound as good as it could. If ignored, this can also split the bridge plate and weaken the soundboard.

The usual remedy is a difficult and potentially damaging bridge plate replacement job. And that's no fun! Ask anyone who's done it.

"This one is a real 'must have' for me... it's the only method I've seen that really works to correct damaged bridge plate holes without compromising the originality or integrity of the guitar."
—Frank Ford, Gryphon Guitars

"It gives repair shops the ability to perform a frequently needed repair with a minimum of effort and with no negative impact on the sound or originality of the instrument. An elegant solution."
—Charles Hoffman, Hoffman Guitars

The BridgeSaver consists of a durable hand-operated steel cutter that creates a precisely dished cavity at the bottom of the bridge pin hole, and a steel cutter bit for making a matching wooden plug. Glue the plugs flush and redrill, and you'll have clean new anchoring surfaces for the strings and bridge pins.

Designed by repair expert Dan Erlewine, this tool is easy to use, preserves the original bridge plate, and avoids a lot of difficult work. In the shop, it's a money-making tool that can pay for itself with the first job.

Included with the tool are a special 6" steel drill bit for new bridge pin holes, and complete illustrated instructions.


Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

Patch a hole in a guitar: the BridgeSaver is also a HolePlugger

Erick Coleman finds a new use for StewMac's BridgeSaver: quickly repairing a hole in the side of a guitar.


Product Instructions

Bridge Plate Repair

How to repair most fractured bridge pin holes with the BridgeSaver.

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Very good tool!

(Customer's Reviews)

This tool does exactly what it is sold to do! The plugs fit perfectly. Well designed with clear insructions. I couldn't have done the job without it.


More than a repair tool

(Customer's Reviews)

So, why must the bridgeplate be made by hardwood like maple? When spruce is the better tonewood? I've made bridgeplates of soft spruce and used hardwood to make a durable surface for the string ball with the bridge saver! You can even use the bridge saver directly on the spruce top with no need for a bridgeplate at all.

I only wish that the tool would be shorter. In a parlor the side is not high enough for the tool to be pushed into the hole from the inside of the guitar. There is a handle at the end that could be cut away, but the metal is too hard (I tried!).


Bridge Saver

(Customer's Reviews)

Your Bridge Saver works Excellent, just like all Stew mac tools and service. I've been a customer since 1992. Thanks

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