Luthier's Digital Caliper

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Always one of our most popular items when we exhibit at luthiers conventions!

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Luthier's Digital Caliper

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Digital caliper for guitar repairs and fret work

Dan Erlewine demos the digital caliper for measuring frets, parts and all kinds of dimensions for repair work.

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Always one of our most popular items when we exhibit at luthiers conventions!

Our Luthier's Digital Caliper combines precision, ease of use, versatility and an attractive price, but its usefulness for fret work makes it special.

Customized for fretwork!
We added a custom jaw notch for accurately measuring fretwire crown height (the height above the fretboard). This is essential for comparing new wire to original wire. And thanks to a great idea by repairman Frank Ford, we've also added a notch on the depth gauge to measure fret height on the instrument—a real time saver.

  • Measures fret height before AND after fret installation
  • Accurate readouts in inches or millimeters
  • A must for all precision guitar work

Handy for lots of other measuring jobs in the shop—nuts, saddles, tuners, tool setups and more—this caliper has long-life stainless steel jaws. Featuring LCD digital readouts in inches or millimeters, it measures outside, inside and depth dimensions up to 6" (154mm), with super-accurate .0005" (.01mm) resolution. The jaws can be locked at any position.

Battery and durable plastic storage case included.

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Luthier's Digital Caliper

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By Steve R from Spring,Tx
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Great tool to have for all the measurements you have to take! I like the inches/mm feature especially!

Easy to use,very handy!

Digital Calipers

By James M. Powers from USA
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This product is great. We needed to find fret heights over an old neck that needed refretting, and the calipers gave us the readings we needed, exactly. Can't wait to use them on an upcoming neck and fret job.

Nice, but....

By Jerhico Guitars from Altona, NY
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, November 03, 2010

I agree with Lance in Ohio about the thumb wheel.

As soon as I took mine out of the box and tried to open the jaws the thumb wheel broke off.

Its just a poor design.

Caliper can be used without it so its OK but just be careful of that if you buy one.

Other than that these calipers are great and specialized for guitar work so what can you do i guess.


By Lance from Ohio
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, October 17, 2010

This is an ok caliper. It is nice that it does all of the special measurements. However, the thumb wheel is only held in with a plastic loop and if you have the caliper locked an try to measure with it the thumb wheel will break off. So make sure your locking knob is loose before trying to measure anything.


By E.A. from Brooklyn, NY
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, October 15, 2010

At first I didn't like the design of the caliper. I felt it was a bit hard to use. Well then I learned how to use it lol! I have to say this is an essential piece to a luthiers workshop. If you're meticulous in detail & accuracy than get this tool. It's not intending for the tech who 'eyes' all his measurements. I actually use this to also measure cutouts as well.

Get one

By pdbutler from Canoga Park, CA
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, August 30, 2010

You might as well pop for this thing. It does some specialized measurements that other calipers won't. Save yourself the time and frustration of trying to modify your own.

Just priceless

By Luis Garc+¡a-Casc+¦n from Madrid, Spain
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, June 08, 2010

It is just priceless for almost every single measurement job. In fretting, nut making, saddle making, tunners installation...

If you don't have one already, what are you waiting for???

Very reliable

By BASSics Guitar Designs and Repairs from Toronto, Canada
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I use this for just about everything I do. But I do find it a little to sensitive but I guess thats the price you pay for accurate measurements.

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