Premium Wiring Kit for Telecaster with 4-way Switch

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Premium Wiring Kit for Telecaster with 4-way Switch

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Premium Wiring Kit for Telecaster with 4-way Switch

About This Item

Complete kit for wiring a Tele with a fourth "fat tone" switch position.

This special kit features an Oak Grigsby 4-way switch: the extra position combines the bridge and neck pickups in series for a fatter tone. You get all the parts you'll need to wire your pickups into your Tele®, plus a diagram to show you how.

Premium components include cloth-covered push-back wire—the right stuff for Fender and vintage-style guitar circuitry. CTS pots give longer life and smooth, accurate response.

    The kit incudes:
  • Switchcraft output jack
  • 250K CTS solid-shaft control pots (2)
  • Orange Drop® capacitors: .047uF and .001uF
  • Oak Grigsby 4-way lever switch with mounting screws
  • Switch knobs: black barrel and top-hat
  • Non-shielded cloth-insulated push-back wire: 22 AWG white, 12" long
  • Non-shielded cloth-insulated push-back wire: 22 AWG black, 24" long
  • Braided-shield push-back wire: 22AWG, 12" long
  • Wiring diagram
CTS control pot specifications
Shaft diameter 1/4" (6.35mm) solid shaft
(requires a set-screw knob)
Thread 3/8" x 32
Thread height 3/8" (9.52mm)
Required mounting hole diameter    3/8" (9.52mm)

Oak Grigsby switch specifications
Body cavity depth required 1-7/16" (36.51mm)
Mounting screw spacing 1-5/8" (41.28mm)
Lever stem .050" x .190" (1.27mm x 4.82mm)
Pickguard slot required
(for the lever)
1/16" x 1-1/16" (1.59mm x 26.99mm)


Product Instructions

Oak Grigsby 4-way 2-pole Lever Switch Instructions

Installation and wiring diagram for the Oak Grigsby 4-Way 2-pole Lever Switch.

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Quality Components = Quality Sound

(Customer's Reviews)

I started out with the intention of just upgrading the pick-ups on my Fender American Deluxe Telecaster.
Original equipment included a three-way switch with a push button volume knob. I never really liked that set-up. Once I opened up the control cavity and took a look at the OEM pots and switch, I knew they had to go. These kit contains quality components that you would hope to find on your guitar. I love this set-up and find it much more flexible than the push button arrangement.
I highly recommend it.


good quality parts

(Customer's Reviews)

replaced korean parts in a '53 tele repro. these are just much better quality components. orange drop caps, good pots and 4way switch. good wire included, really everything you need is in this kit


Upgrade from standard kit

(Customer's Reviews)

Replaced a standard kit I installed in 2011 with this premium kit, sonically smoother and far superior. Grounding the bridge pickup with the new connections is a bit of a problem and requires some trial and error work. Recommend the Stew-Mac video on Fender upgrades.


Excellent upgrade

(Customer's Reviews)

My little MIK Squier 50th Anniversary Tele never sounded so awesome. It's a top loader and was always really bright, which I liked, but with this new switch position and the upgraded components, she really rocks now. Thanks Stewmac.


Great product....easy to install.

(Customer's Reviews)

Put this on my American Tele with a set of Fender Noiseless. Works GREAT! But may need to modify the control plate if you're using an import or squire .


This in not a " drop in " mod

(Customer's Reviews)

Very disappointed to learn today that my guitar tech had to do the following mods in order to get this " supposed " Tele kit to fit into my Tele. Just recvd that news from him so I haven't yet had the opportunity to hear to sonic results of this " Premium " wiring Kit.
Here is what he had to do : The switch and pots didn't fit the control plate ( had to be enlarged ) and the knobs had to drilled out to fit the pot shafts.


4 way upgrade

(Customer's Reviews)

this is a pretty cool mod, it'll give a forth position that sounds like a humbucker. easy to read instructions. just take your time soldering to avoid "shorts".


Everything you need

(Customer's Reviews)

Great kit - it's all here. Plenty of wire and quality is the best. The schematic could be a little better but it's pretty good too.

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