Premium Wiring Kit for Paul Reed Smith

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A convenient set of the parts you'll need to wire a PRS® guitar, complete with an easy to follow wiring diagram.

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Premium Wiring Kit for Paul Reed Smith

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A convenient set of the parts you'll need to wire a PRS® guitar, complete with an easy to follow wiring diagram.

This premium kit features cloth-covered push-back wire — the right wire for Fender and vintage-style guitar circuitry. The pots in this kit are upgraded to CTS brand for longer life and a smoother, more accurate response.

Wiring Kit for Paul Reed Smith includes

  • Output jack
  • 500K CTS control pots (2)
  • .022uF Orange Drop capacitor
  • 180pf ceramic capacitor
  • 5-position rotary switch
  • Non-shielded cloth-insulated push-back circuit wire: 22 AWG, white, 12" long
  • Non-shielded cloth-insulated push-back circuit wire: 22 AWG, black, 24" long
  • Shielded braided push-back circuit wire: 22 AWG, 12" long
  • Wiring diagram

The rotary switch has a coarse-knurled split shaft, and requires 1-5/16" (33.34mm) mounting cavity depth and a 3/8"-diameter (10mm) mounting hole.

Be sure your control knobs will fit!
CTS pots have a fine-knurled 24-spline split shaft.

CTS control pot specifications
Shaft diameter 0.235" (5.95mm) split shaft, fine knurling
Thread 3/8" x 32
Threaded portion height 3/8" (9.52mm)
Required mounting hole diameter    3/8" (9.52mm)

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Product Instructions

Wiring Kit for Paul Reed Smith

Wiring diagram for a guitar with Paul Reed Smith (PRS)-style electronics.

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Premium Wiring Kit for Paul Reed Smith

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Kit cant fit in to cavities of PRS

By Venkiee from Kuala Lumpur
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, May 05, 2014

Even though the kit was good, the size of components including the 5 way switch cant fit the cavities of my PRS. Quite a disappointment. The kit is wasted now.

Great kit

By Mikael Sundberg from +ûrebro, Sweden
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, April 25, 2013

It lived up to my expectations the pots and the pickup selector is great quality products. However, I would have wanted the pickup switch brass colored such as washers and nuts for the pots. If you follow the wiring diagram and take your time, the soldering will go well. But as previous reviewers have mentioned the tone post needs to be grounded to.

Nice Kit

By JerryB from Benton, LA
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, April 14, 2012

I've bought 6 of these kits and for the money they're hard to beat. I used these kits to retrofit PRS SE's up to the normal PRS standards. These kits work fine on the PRS SE Custom 24's & 22's, but you will have to take a utility knife or small router to shave a little of the cavity back to accomodate the rotary switch. Other then that, everything else works fine. Using this kit with tonerider pickups will give a good selection of sounds, even an electric acoustic sound. The standard speed knobs sold by Stewmac fit all the pots fine.

5-way rotary switch kit

By guitar novice from Detroit, MI
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, July 25, 2011

First of all, the materials were all first class. The instructions were very clear, easy to follow, and when I plugged in the guitar - it worked! Everything worked fine, the rotary switch gave me all the tones I wanted, and the bleeder capacitor on the volume pot works great. The only problem that I saw was that the diagram did not show the tone pot grounded. I grounded it anyway. However, I didn't try the guitar without the ground so I can't tell you if it should be grounded or not. I installed the components on a PRS copy, that I varnished like Al Dimeola's signature guitar - the Prism. This guitar, along with his signature pickups will give any PRS the run for their money!

Needed long shaft pots!

By Joe M. from Queens, NY
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, March 05, 2011

The guitar I had was a hair too thick and the nut wouldn't seat. Since my guitar has a beautiful a carved top with knob recesses I didn't want to make it any thinner. Also, I ended up only using the unshielded wire on the switch and for the string ground. I had shielded cable left over from another project and used that to connect the knobs switch and output jack together. As a bonus it looks less like spaghetti.

Great kit!!

By Pestvic from Sparks NV
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, November 04, 2010

I love this kit! I was amazed by the rotary switch on the PRS but after making my own and realizing how hard it is to switch positions while needing to switch fast on stage. I'm going to go with the 5 way blade switch that does the same coil tapping as this rotary. On the other side, Yes, the tone needs to be grounded. If you shielded your Control cavities like they need to be, the tone grounds itself against the shield paint and the kit sounds 10x better.

Great Kit

By crovomick from Matawan, NJ
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, September 02, 2010

This is a great wiring kit for any guitar. I wired my custom homemade telecaster with it and I can play anything from classic rock to the thin, twangy, funky guitar sound used by Michael Jackson. I agree with another reviewer that the wiring diagram is wrong and the tone control needs to be grounded. I also agree that it is very difficult and time-consuming to solder the switch. Don't tackle this project unless you are good at soldering. Having said that, I love this wiring kit and will probably never build another guitar without it!

Could be better

By Doc21 from Pittsburgh, PA
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, August 08, 2010

All the components are there, but I think there is a mistake. It didn't work until I wired a ground to the tone control which is not shown on the wiring diagram. Also, there is so much soldering to do on the rotary switch, that it would be nice if that was already done

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