Premium Wiring Kit for Jazz Bass

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Premium Wiring Kit for Jazz Bass

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Premium Wiring Kit for Jazz Bass

About This Item

All of the wire and components you need to wire a 2-pickup guitar or bass.

Jazz Basses® don't use a selector switch to control what pickup is active, they use two volume controls that allow you to blend the pickups together. Here's what you need for wiring those pickups into your J-bass! All the parts, plus a diagram to show you how.

The premium kit features cloth-covered push-back wire—the right wire for Fender and vintage-style guitar circuitry. The pots in this kit are upgraded to CTS brand for longer life and a smoother, more accurate response.

This setup can be used for basses and guitars, or you can add a selector switch (sold separately) for added flexibility.

    Wiring kit for Jazz Bass includes
  • Output jack
  • 250K CTS control pots (3)
  • .047uF Orange Drop capacitor
  • Non-shielded cloth-insulated push-back circuit wire: 22 AWG, white, 12" long
  • Non-shielded cloth-insulated push-back circuit wire: 22AWG, black, 24" long
  • Shielded braided push-back circuit wire: 22 AWG, 12" long
  • Wiring diagram

Be sure your control knobs will fit!
CTS pots have a fine-knurled 24-spline split shaft.

CTS control pot specifications
Shaft diameter 0.235" (5.95mm) split shaft, fine knurling
Thread 3/8" x 32
Threaded portion height 3/8" (9.52mm)
Required mounting hole diameter    3/8" (9.52mm)


Product Instructions

Wiring for Jazz Bass

Wiring diagram for a Jazz bass.

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Good product,...provided a bit of a challenge!

(Customer's Reviews)

This kit was definitely not made to fit the Japanese made Fender Aerodyne Jazz bass. Some workshop engineering and creative thinking was required to install and wire up this kit. Had to be careful with some of the fraying shielding not making contact with any of the pot's solder lugs. All said and done, the result was a fantastic sounding J-Bass


Nice one

(Customer's Reviews)

Very hand piece of kit, plenty of wire, pots nice and solid with plenty of range. HAd to redrill control plate as mine had the nasty alpha size pots. Only thing I would wish for, that CTS would put a solder lug on the case of the pots, asways a bit wary of putting too much heat on them. Good buy.


Great improvement for the money

(Customer's Reviews)

I installed the premium kit on a new Squier VM Jazz Bass. The only thing I had to modify is the control plate; the holes for the controls were just barely too small for the knobs to fit through, so I had to dremel them to make the holes larger . . . after re-wiring it sounds SO MUCH BETTER! I recommend this to anyone that has a Squier J Bass.

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