Premium Wiring Kit for 2-pickups with Toggle Switch

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Premium Wiring Kit for 2-pickups with Toggle Switch

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Premium Wiring Kit for 2-pickups with Toggle Switch

About This Item

This kit makes it easy to order premium components for wiring many 2-control / 2-pickup guitars with a 3-way switch, such as Gibson®, Epiphone® and Samick®.

Complete with wiring diagram, it features trusted components used for decades in iconic American instruments.

    Premium Wiring Kits feature premium components like
  • Switchcraft toggle switch and jack
  • CTS potentiometers
  • Orange Drop capacitors
  • Push-back wire

Be sure your control knobs will fit: CTS pots in these kits have fine-knurled (24-spline) split shafts. Coarse-knurled knobs for imported Alpha pots won't fit. Need knobs? Check here.

Premium Wiring Kit for 2-pickup with Toggle Switch includes:
Qty Item
1 Switchcraft output jack
1 .022uF Orange Drop Caps
1 Switch knob (amber)
1 Switchcraft 3-way short toggle switch
Threaded portion 11/32" (8.74mm)
Required mounting hole dia. 1/2" (12.70mm)
Required body cavity depth 7/8" (22.23mm)
2 CTS 500K-ohm control pots
Shaft diameter 0.235" (5.95mm)
split shaft, fine knurling
Thread 3/8" x 32
Threaded portion 3/8" (9.52mm)
Required mounting hole diameter    3/8" (9.52mm)
12" Braided-shield push-back guitar circuit wire, 22AWG inner conductor
12" Non-shielded push-back guitar circuit wire, 22AWG white
24" Non-shielded push-back guitar circuit wire, 22AWG black
Wiring diagram



Product Instructions

Switchcraft 3-way Toggle Switch

Installation and wiring instructions for the 3-way Toggle Switch.

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(Customer's Reviews)

Perfect fit, came with mounting screw, and arrived a day early!


wiring kit

(Customer's Reviews)

Haven't wired yet,but sure will be satisfied Thank you


Great Upgrade

(Customer's Reviews)

Put this kit in my Epi Les Paul Special, no problems with the install, really cleaned up the sound. Would recommend as an easy tonal upgrade to the stock Epi parts.


I likes it!! 

(Customer's Reviews)

What I have is a wiring mess!! This goes here that goes there!!
I'm glad I knew what I was doing.
The instructions that came with in were straight forward (I wish for color photos)
But the sheet of paper had multiple ways of wiring it up and I like that. I have not finished with my guitar yet because of the other upgrades I'm doing, but it's wired up and it's doing what I want it to do... photos will come later.


Great Kit

(Customer's Reviews)

Purchased this kit after I decided to upgrade the electronics in my Epiphone Les Paul Ltd II. New pickups, new pots, new everything.

Instructions are very easy to follow and these pots are amazing. The sound is now amazing. Very good investment.

Fast shipping from Stewie Mac :)


so good

(Customer's Reviews)

excellent quality, don't hesitate to use them on your project.

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