Golden Age Pre-wired Harness for Stratocaster

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Golden Age Pre-wired Harness for Stratocaster

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Golden Age Pre-wired Harness for Stratocaster

About This Item

Assembled and soldered in the USA using top components, including CRL switches and CTS pots for the best sound. Ready to drop into your guitar!

    Worth every penny!
  • Premium hand-wired for drop-in retrofit
  • Upgrade your old wiring
  • Save work and save time on new builds

Soldered in our Athens, Ohio shop
We professionally hand-soldered these harnesses using the best brand-name components for long life and great sound: 5-way CRL lever switch, CTS pots, Orange Drop® caps, Switchcraft™ output jack and cloth push-back wire. Bonus: Black and white switch knobs included!

Tested and 100% Guaranteed
Each Golden Age harness comes to you mounted on a reusable plywood template, which is a tool in itself: save it for future wiring jobs. The template holds the components correctly so the finished harness fits neatly into the guitar's wiring cavity. You simply solder the jack and your pickup lead wires to the harness.

Got questions? Call or email us. A friendly gearhead will be happy to help!

5-way CRL Switch Specs
Body cavity depth required 1-3/8" (34.93mm)
Mounting screw spacing 1-5/8" (41.28mm)
Lever stem .052" x .188" (1.32mm x 4.78mm)
Pickguard slot required 1/16" x 1-1/16" (1.59mm x 26.99mm)

CTS Control Pot Specs
Resistance 250K-ohm
Shaft diameter 0.235" (5.95mm) split shaft, fine knurling
Thread 3/8" x 32
Threaded portion height 3/8" (9.52mm)
Mounting hole diameter    3/8" (9.52mm)

Orange Drop Capacitor Specs
Value .047uF

Switchcraft Output Jack Specs
Accepts standard 1/4" plug Mono
Mounting hole diameter 3/8" (9.52mm)
Thread 3/8" x 32
Threaded portion height 1/4" (6.35mm)


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Nice setup

(Customer's Reviews)

Great quality and price! I did have and issue with one of the pots. One of the three legs was bent in and touching another leg and the pot didn't seem to work. Once I inspected and found the issue, it worked great! Could have happened in shipping but wasn't a problem for me.


makes life simple

(Customer's Reviews)

I got one for my strat when the switch got flakey.
It changed the whole voice of the guitar, much more clear.
The volume pot is very smooth with no tone loss.when you back it off.
I got a pre-wire from golden age a while back, for my tele , very pleased and easy to put in.
And I do wiring and set ups on guitars for a living at a guitar shop.
I recommend this to my customers a well


Very nice upgrade

(Customer's Reviews)

Really well made harness, the tones pots have a nice even sound when used and the action smooth.

-1 star for the lack ground wire to metal lug in body cavity had to solder an addtional ground from the neck tone pot and solder it to the small metal lug to get a proper grounding.

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