Schatten Mini Pre

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Schatten Mini Pre

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Schatten Mini Pre

About This Item

When a simple acoustic preamp is all you need.

"When you're on stage there's a limit to the amount of stuff that you really want to have to deal with. So we gave the Mini Pre a volume control, and that's it."
—Les Schatten

"A nice simple preamp for testing acoustic pickups in my shop."
—Erick Coleman, repairman and StewMac tech advisor

Keep it simple. If a basic impedance matching and signal-boosting preamp is all you need for your acoustic pickup—you're adjusting tone at your amp or soundboard—the economical Mini Pre is a great choice. It's compact, includes a handy belt clip, standard 1/4" jacks, and a simple one-knob gain control. The preset flat response keeps your sound clean and uncolored. The Mini Pre accepts all piezo and magnetic pickups. 9-volt battery required.

The Mini Pre's internal trim pot can be adjusted to change the input gain if needed for very weak pickups, or to eliminate distortion. Instructions included.

Plug a 1/4" instrument cable from the Mini Pre's output to your amp or PA. To conserve battery life, the preamp is activated only when a plug is inserted in the output jack.

Input impedance: 10 meg ohms
Output Impedance: Less than 3.5K ohms
Input gain: 0 to 20db
Battery life: 1500 hours (9-volt alkaline)

Do not use rechargeable batteries.

Enclosure size: Approximately 2-1/4" x 1" x 3-3/8" (57mm x 27mm x 86mm). Made of rugged gig-worthy ABS plastic.

Simple belt-clip assembly required.

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Good Enough

(Customer's Reviews)

I am using this with a Fishman under-saddle pickup on my recently finished StewMac Dreadnought. It feeds a Fender Mustang II and I am delighted with the sound. It would get 5 stars if it had a power switch.


Simple and dependable

(Customer's Reviews)

It works very well, and I am absolutely satisfied with it. I have a number acoustic instruments - a Kala Ukelele Bass with a passive pick-up that required a very high amp setting, and a Dean M sound hole pick-up for an acoustic guitar, a piezo pick-up in a cigar-box 3-string guitar, and so on. I have fewer feed-back issues with it than I did before, and I have a lot more amplifier volume potential now. This little pre-amp does the job of increasing signal, while decreasing noise. It has been used by others who needed it 'last second', with out any hitches. I will even be trying it with my home-made stomp boxes. It is simple to use; plug in, set it in the middle of the range, 'fire it all up', and fine tune it from there. I'd buy another one in a minute. Seems to be of a quality that should last years.


simple but good

(Customer's Reviews)

I used this with 2 Schatten transducers linked to one jack on a celtic harp. The result is good especially after boosting the gain with the tiny potentiometer inside, near the battery. We are happy.

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