L.R. Baggs Violin Pickup

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L.R. Baggs Violin Pickup

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L.R. Baggs Violin Pickup

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A 4/4-size maple bridge with multi-directional sensors built in, for optimum natural sound. Ready for fitting and trimming.

Includes a specially-housed clamp-on 1/4" output jack and instructions. Preamp is recommended.

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Sounds great plugged or unplugged

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Our family has been playing at church for over 4 yrs. Mic-ing my fiddle was nice, but could be troublesome and you had to worry about feedback. You do not have to worry about feedback with the LR Baggs. I usually practice unplugged and prefer the sound and tone of the Baggs bridge to my old regular bridge. When plugged in, it is absolutely amazing. My daughter has been playing classical violin for about 5 yrs. She tried mine and fell in love also. We got her one for Christmas and she can't stop playing it. True violin sound and tones whether plugged or unplugged! Although it takes a bit of work to cut the bridge and get it set, it's worth it. If you want a violin/fiddle pickup that you will love - no regrets, get the LR Baggs.



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absolutely beautiful! compliments my fiddle like never before! it sounds better plugged in than it does acoustic now!



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The best I've found

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I've played fiddle amplified since 1975. While I haven't tried every offering out there, believe me when I say I've tried a bunch of them. Amplifying an acoustic fiddle is a difficult technical problem to solve, and so far no one has come up with a 100% solution. That is, a seamless transition from acoustic playing with the resultant sound to amplified. So, it becomes a matter of trade-offs.

I am a real tone freak. Many pick up offerings don't even sound like a violin... more like some kind of horn to my ears. Some of the better sounding alternatives are logistically impractical, such as mounted condenser mics. Get on a high sound pressure (loud) stage, and you'll quickly see what I mean.

For me, the best configuration from a tone and practicality stand point is the in-bridge piezo pickup. Of those available (and I have tried them all), the LR Baggs is superior. Even the bridge itself is of much higher quality than that of other brands.

A common complaint about in-bridge piezo pickups is an inherent "quacky" tone. The Baggs bridge provides a better response and tone than any other I've tried. But the tone can be improved with the use of a pre-amp. I use Baggs Para Acoustic Studio DI. The preamp provides tone shaping capability that you can't dial in on an amplifier or mixing console. I have two Baggs bridges and two Para Acoustic DIs.

This is by a good margin the best setup I've found in over 30 years of searching for the best pickup solution. I often go straight to the mixing console, where I wouldn't have dreamed of that before. I am very satisfied with this bridge pickup.

You can look all you want, but you won't find a better pickup. And you won't find a better price than StewMac's. I bought both of mine from StewMac.

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