Fishman Nashville Series Spider-style Resophonic Pickup

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Fishman Nashville Series Spider-style Resophonic Pickup

"An awesome blend of warmth and clarity...the best pickup we've ever installed." —Beard Guitars

Featuring piezo-ceramic elements installed in split saddles, the Fishman Nashville Series Spider pickup is designed for accurate, consistent sound reproduction. Designed in cooperation with Jerry Douglas and luthier Paul Beard, this pickup is standard equipment on Beard Jerry Douglas Signature Series and Odyssey resophonic guitars. Pair it with the Beard Original #14 Spider Bridge for a great sound!

The rounded black ceramic top and 1/8"-wide maple bottom of each saddle can be trimmed for proper fit and height in your spider bridge. The saddles are supplied unslotted, with 23/32" overall height, and have 14" shielded lead wires (a small hole must be drilled through the guitar's soundwell).

1/4" tailblock mount jack included. For full frequency response, an impedance matching preamp is recommended for cable lengths over 10 feet.

Used by:
Jerry Douglas
Nick Wheeler
Zac Brown Band
The Band Perry Randy Kohrs
Larry Campbell
Infamous Stringdusters
Zach Runquist
The HillBenders
Jason Fitz

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