Golden Age Pickups for Tele

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Golden Age Pickups for Tele Bridge pickup

Bridge pickup

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Golden Age Pickups for Tele Neck pickup

Neck pickup

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 Golden Age Pickup Set for Tele

Golden Age Pickup Set for Tele

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Golden Age Pickups for Tele

Vintage vibe, great price! Our Tele models feature Alnico 5 polepieces and vintage specifications to take your Telecaster® back half a century!

Get the biting twang that helped forge rock, country and blues.
Golden Age pickups continue to amaze and impress guitarists. They're a great upgrade for guitars with weak or muddy stock pickups, at a great price. Vintage dimensions allow easy installation in standard bodies.

Golden Age Bridge Pickup for Tele
Polepieces: Alnico 5 magnets with north polarity and 2-1/8" (53.97mm) spread. Vintage-spec raised D and G polepieces.
Coil wire: AWG42, wound to 6.5K ohms. Vintage-style white string wrap. Wax-potted.
Flatwork: Bottom thickness .093" (2.38mm), top .062" (1.57mm). Copper-plated steel baseplate for authentic twang.

Golden Age Neck Pickup for Tele
Polepieces: Alnico 5 magnets with south polarity and 1-15/16" (49.21mm) spread.
Coil wire: AWG43, wound to 7.0K ohms for original beefier output. Wax-potted.
Flatwork: .062" (1.57mm) top and bottom thickness.
Cover: '50s-style flat-topped, chrome.
Screws: Vintage-style wood screws for mounting to the bottom of the pickup cavity.

Both models have vintage-style push-back cloth-insulated lead wires, and include compressible height adjustment tubing with mounting screws.

Product Instructions

Golden Age Pickups for Tele Instructions

Wiring diagrams and color codes for Golden Age Tele pickups.

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Very pleased

(Customer's Reviews)

Used these pickups for a guitar that was hand painted and is going to a charity auction. The quality of the guitar was such that excellent pickups were required. A lower price point was important as well. These pickup filled the bill and then some. Great tones from these. I'm VERY pleased!!


It's Alive!

(Customer's Reviews)

I used these pickups in a restoration of an old Aims Telecaster, circa 1976. They delivered the exact sonics I was looking for! Not too hot (like the DiMarzios I pulled out of the old wreck) and not too dull. Just right! And the attention to detail is fantastic on every aspect of the physical pickup. You will like these.


Pups with a tinkle

(Customer's Reviews)

I do workshops here building Strats and Teles, however i needed one for my son who plays reggae. So needed good (the guy is critical) and not too expensive pups. These are just that. Very good absolute sense, excellent in bangs for the buck relative sense.

One little issue which is easily remedied. The bridge pickup has rubber placeholders, which isolate the pickup in some way from the rest of the electronics, this caused a terrible noise! Adding a mass-wire from the shielding to the pots (ensure that the bridge hits the shielding!) corrected this. See pic.

Btw, how can you guys deliver stuff to Holland in less than 3 days - that always leaves me slackjawed?


Surprised again

(Customer's Reviews)

I've run genuine replacements alongside golden age pickups and as they say "pound for pound" I"ll go for gold every time. They really are that good to me.



(Customer's Reviews)

Wiring diagram for me was a little complicated. haven't gotten it yet but these are great pickups for the price

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