Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers

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Straight-up raw vintage! Closely modeled after an outstanding vintage P.A.F. set from our own collection. That sweet tone was just too good to keep to ourselves!

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Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers Neck, Alnico 2, nickel

Neck, Alnico 2, nickel

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Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers Bridge, Alnico 2, nickel

Bridge, Alnico 2, nickel

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Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers Neck, Alnico 2, gold

Neck, Alnico 2, gold

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Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers Bridge, Alnico 2, gold

Bridge, Alnico 2, gold

Item # 5416-G
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Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers Neck, Alnico 5, nickel

Neck, Alnico 5, nickel

Item # 5409
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Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers Bridge, Alnico 5, nickel

Bridge, Alnico 5, nickel

Item # 5417
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Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers Neck, Alnico 5, gold

Neck, Alnico 5, gold

Item # 5409-G
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Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers Bridge, Alnico 5, gold

Bridge, Alnico 5, gold

Item # 5417-G
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Parsons Street Humbuckers: pickups with real P.A.F. specs

These pickups are true to Gibson's original 1950s P.A.F. pickup specs. Great sound at a low price!

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Straight-up raw vintage! Closely modeled after an outstanding vintage P.A.F. set from our own collection. That sweet tone was just too good to keep to ourselves!

True vintage sound.
We christened these exceptional humbuckers in tribute to the famous Kalamazoo address where the holy grail of pickups, the legendary P.A.F. (Patent Applied For), was born.

Just like the originals, the slug coil has more windings than the polepiece coil, and both coils are unpotted. Old P.A.F.s weren't made in separate neck and bridge-position models, and their DC resistance varied from 7-9K ohms. We give you a choice: Parsons Street neck-position pickups are wound to mid 7K, and bridge-position models to low 8K.

Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers sweet vintage tone was crafted to vintage P.A.F. specifications:
• Nickel-silver cover for tone transparency
• Original 1.97" (50.04mm) polepiece spacing
• Plain enameled AWG42 coil wire
• Black paper coil tape
• Wood spacer
• Choice of Alnico 2 or Alnico 5 magnet
• Nickel-silver baseplate
• Single-conductor braided shield output wire

Your choice of original-style magnets:
• Alnico 2 for warm tone with smooth highs and a soft bottom response.
• Alnico 5 produces a clear tone with more pronounced highs and a tighter low end.
(Original P.A.F.s contained Alnico 2, 3 and 5 magnets at various times.)

Neck models: mid 7K ohms
Bridge models: low 8K ohms

Height.840"(21.34mm)including mounting tabs

Height adjustment screws, springs and wiring diagrams included.

Mounting rings and mounting ring screws are available separately.

Handy Humbucker Helpers make installation easy.

Trade Secrets! Newsletter

Wiring a humbucker to get two sounds

Erick Coleman shows how he modified a Parsons Street Humbucker, turning it into a switchable single-coil/humbucker combination.

Product Instructions

Golden Age Parsons Street Humbucker

Wiring diagrams and color codes for Golden Age Parsons Street Humbucking pickups.

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Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers

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Wow! What a difference!

By Wagner from Wellsville, NY
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, October 28, 2010

I own a 1980 Gibson Es 335 Pro that originally came with Dirty Fingers pickups. I have replaced the pickups numerous times with ones that have had higher output and have always been disappointed with how muddy the instrument has sounded. When I replaced my ceramics with a set of the Parson Street Humbuckers, I was amazed at the clarity of tone and balanced output that I believed the guitar always had, but had not yet found! It's wonderful to be inspired each time I plug in! Next up is a Les Paul upgrade!

Parsons Street Single Conductor for Epi

By Blues Jr. from CT
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, October 11, 2010

Put one of these Alnico 5 single-conductor babies in the neck of my Epi Dot: night and day difference. Bridge pup is already on it's way. If you own an Epi and you probably do if you're reading this - you owe it to yourself to make this investment. Hey you bought the thing because it looks like a Gibson, why not make it sound like a Gibson too (and the stock Epi pups sure don't!) Even with my feeble soldering skills installation was simple enough. Don't be put off by the braid - just make sure you tin it first before attaching to the volume pot. One thing that surprised me was that the wire exited the case in the top left corner as opposed to the bottom right which would make more sense for a neck pickup, however in re-reading the description it does state "Old PAFs weren't made in separate neck and bridge-position models"

Les Paul Custom in love with Parsons Street Humbuckers

By benderb9 from St Petersburg,FL
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, October 10, 2010

I recently ordered three PSH's for my EPI SG Les Paul Custom to get rid of the wimpy generic tone it had. My friends thought I was losing my mind as they thought it sounded great. At the same time I ordered the SG wiring harness because I wanted a more flexible switching set-up than it comes with stock. The harness parts are all really first rate and well worth the extra if you have an EPI!

The outside pup's are now wired like a Tele 1 volume/tone with a 3 way switch. The middle pup has it's own volume/tone independently of the other two. This is great in the variety of tones available all, 1 or 2 in any combination or blend you might think of. It is really all useable, easy to figure out, and quick to use. THAT was a real improvement, but the REAL improvement are these three pup's. I went with Alnico 2's for the outside and an Alnico 5 neck for the middle (I later found out it was originally a bridge was just meant to be I suppose). These are really complex pup's that sound great no matter how I push them, even with my old Ampeg V3 combo, Princeton, Champ, Kustom, and Marshalls wow these things are unbelievable in how sweet they sound.

Mostly I play through a Blackheart 15H and now a VHT Special 6 (easy to carry) and the EPI really sings through them all. It has not given me any pause being unpotted, I haven't heard any microphonics or picked up any radio station (as I have in the past)yet. These are just wonderfully articulate pup's that allow the instrument to speak for itself. Most of my friends no longer think I am completely crazy anymore. ha ha ha...little do they know that there is an EPI 335 Dot waiting for it's own set and the two projects currently in process ( a Flying V and 12 string Tele) will undoubtedly be recipients of their own 'lil darlins'.

Would I recommend these to someone else...heck yeah they are just THAT GOOD...and it's just a riot to see peoples faces when you tell them the 'dirty little secret' of what they are and where they came from! Thank-you indeed StewMac these are a great addition to any guitarist's arsenal.

Parsons St pickups

By trentasaurus from queensland, australia
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, October 08, 2010

I recently purchased one of your Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers, they sound and play just like my Les Paul's, "excellent"! I love PAF Pickups. They perform how you play, play soft and they're soft, attack hard and they respond aggressively. 5 stars to Golden Age, for producing a great Pickup for the price. I will be certainly buying a few more, for some of my other Guitars.

Accurate PAF sound for a fair price

By Bob from USA
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, October 07, 2010

I put a set of these in a dual-humbucker Strat. I am really pleased with them, both in terms of sound and construction quality. I went with an Alnico V set and they are clear with just enough brightness to give "bite", but still warm and fat like a PAF should be. They really shine when overdriving a tube amp; my silverface Champ sounds like a monster with these things flogging the preamp.

Better than expected

By Greg from Columbia, SC
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, October 02, 2010

Okay, I had recently gotten a sweet Heritage guitar (still made on Parsons Street, by the way), and wanted to replace the stock Schaller pickups, just as a lot of us do. I first went with a set of "handwound" pickups from someone else--and when they arrived they were funky--out of phase or something. Anyhow, I needed something else quickly for a recording project I am starting, so I came across these and ordered a set. Just installed them this week and let me tell you, they are the real deal! I'm still tweaking the height and pole-piece adjustments, but am in love with these already. Clear, warm, punchy, smooth. . .they have it all.

The Real Deal!

By Chris - The Secret Kings from Mishawaka, IN, United States
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, September 30, 2010

I installed a couple of these in my Epi and they are beautiful. Punchy,and clean just like the original PAFs . These are the real deal, and at half the price.

Parsons Street Humbuckers

By Chris Whitehead from Clinton, MO
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, September 23, 2010

I recently purchased one pair of these pups in Alnico 2 in gold finish, and another set in Alnico 5 with chrome covers. The gold, Alnico 2 set went in as a replacement set on a Korean-made Epiphone Sheraton II. The pinch and secondary harmonics of these pickups are just to die for, due in no small part to the lack of potting. I was worried that this would cause a problem, however, even when facing my Fender 2X12 DeVille or my AC30 just a few feet away, I haven't had any major problem. If you use a compressor, you can get these pickups to sing forever with very little effort. The Alnico 5 set with chrome covers went into an Epiphone Elitist '62 SG Reissue, also Korean made. This guitar was supposed to have Gibson USA 57 Classics in it, but while the pots and switch were American-made, the darn pups were the same Epiphone stuff that most everyone wants to get rid of...a real shame for such an excellent made guitar. The Alnico 5 versions are more mid-heavy and a tad brighter, and there is more tightness in the lower end. I think these respond better to distortion effects and major OD than the Alnico II's, so if you want some AC/DC, Who, Deep Purple, or anything with tons of mid-scooped crunch, these will help get you there. Again, no problem with the lack of wax potting for feedback, even at club volume levels. You just don't find this level of quality and price/value in many products these days. I'm getting ready to purchase a third set for yet another 335-style guitar.

Parsons Street Humbuckers

By Steve Mitchell from Peoria, AZ
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, September 05, 2010

I highly endorse this product. I opted for the Alnico 5 GA PS Buckers. I installed them in a 1978 Ibanez Professional. This was not a cheap guitar but I never liked the pickups. WOW! What a difference. The GA pickups have a rich, clear, full bodied sound in all switch positions and if you want to crank it up, they really sing to you. I would put them up against Seymour Duncan or Lollar pickups any day. The best news is that they are half the price. I couldn't be happier.

Brought Guitar to Life

By William Gerard of Gerard Guitars from Stanwood, WA
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, August 26, 2010

I installed the neck and bridge Golden Age Parsons Street Alnico 2 Humbuckers pickups in a 2010 Epiphone Tribute Les Paul.The guitar came with 57 Classic pickups,the sound was muddy with bad definition.The Parsons Street pickups brought this guitar back to life and it now sounds fantastic.The neck pickup has a sweet warm smooth tone with great definition.The bridge pickup has very smooth highs and great definition as well.The three positions are now very useful with lots of different sounds,with just a turn of the tone controls.

These pickups are very clean at lower volumes on the guitar.They have a nice slight dirty sound with the volume on the guitar all the way up.These pickups have the sound I was looking for.I have played guitar for forty-eight years and have been building electric guitars for over fifteen years.I have used Golden Age Humbuckers and Single Coil pickups in many of my guitars.I have been very happy with the great sound that these pickups produce.

Thanks StewMac for making these fantastic sounding pickups.

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