Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers

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Straight-up raw vintage! Closely modeled after an outstanding vintage P.A.F. set from our own collection. That sweet tone was just too good to keep to ourselves!

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Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers Neck, Alnico 2, nickel

Neck, Alnico 2, nickel

Item # 5408
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Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers Bridge, Alnico 2, nickel

Bridge, Alnico 2, nickel

Item # 5416
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Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers Neck, Alnico 2, gold

Neck, Alnico 2, gold

Item # 5408-G
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Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers Bridge, Alnico 2, gold

Bridge, Alnico 2, gold

Item # 5416-G
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Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers Neck, Alnico 5, nickel

Neck, Alnico 5, nickel

Item # 5409
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Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers Bridge, Alnico 5, nickel

Bridge, Alnico 5, nickel

Item # 5417
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Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers Neck, Alnico 5, gold

Neck, Alnico 5, gold

Item # 5409-G
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Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers Bridge, Alnico 5, gold

Bridge, Alnico 5, gold

Item # 5417-G
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Parsons Street Humbuckers: pickups with real P.A.F. specs

These pickups are true to Gibson's original 1950s P.A.F. pickup specs. Great sound at a low price!

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Straight-up raw vintage! Closely modeled after an outstanding vintage P.A.F. set from our own collection. That sweet tone was just too good to keep to ourselves!

True vintage sound.
We christened these exceptional humbuckers in tribute to the famous Kalamazoo address where the holy grail of pickups, the legendary P.A.F. (Patent Applied For), was born.

Just like the originals, the slug coil has more windings than the polepiece coil, and both coils are unpotted. Old P.A.F.s weren't made in separate neck and bridge-position models, and their DC resistance varied from 7-9K ohms. We give you a choice: Parsons Street neck-position pickups are wound to mid 7K, and bridge-position models to low 8K.

Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers sweet vintage tone was crafted to vintage P.A.F. specifications:
• Nickel silver cover for tone transparency
• Original 1.97" (50.04mm) polepiece spacing
• Plain enameled AWG42 coil wire
• Black paper coil tape
• Wood spacer
• Choice of Alnico 2 or Alnico 5 magnet
• Nickel-silver baseplate
• Single-conductor braided shield output wire

Your choice of original-style magnets:
• Alnico 2 for warm tone with smooth highs and a soft bottom response.
• Alnico 5 produces a clear tone with more pronounced highs and a tighter low end.
(Original P.A.F.s contained Alnico 2, 3 and 5 magnets at various times.)

Neck models: mid 7K ohms
Bridge models: low 8K ohms

Height.840"(21.34mm)including mounting tabs

Height adjustment screws, springs and wiring diagrams included.

Mounting rings and mounting ring screws are available separately.

Handy Humbucker Helpers make installation easy.

Trade Secrets! Newsletter

Wiring a humbucker to get two sounds

Erick Coleman shows how he modified a Parsons Street Humbucker, turning it into a switchable single-coil/humbucker combination.

Product Instructions

Golden Age Parsons Street Humbucker

Wiring diagrams and color codes for Golden Age Parsons Street Humbucking pickups.

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Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers

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Parsons street humbucker

By Pat Green from UK
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, July 21, 2014

I bought one humbucker for the bridge position installed with 2 lace gold single coils. The humbucker is excellent value and is louder than I expected but with a good tone both clean and distorted. The single coils sound a bit quiet in comparison but not enough to worry about. The loudness of the humbucker can be easily adjusted by lowering it but I like the tone when it is close to the strings and the excellent sustain so I've left it like that.

Great Value Great Sound

By Acelo from Tallahassee, FL 
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, July 10, 2014

I purchased a nice Japanese Les Paul copy a few months ago and needed to change out the pups; neck was okay but too hot and the neck was muddy. Ordered these based on reviews on their value and had them installed last month by a very good tech former guitar appraiser. He was impressed and I am impressed. I have now set the pole pieces to my taste and the balance and definition is very good in all positions. I have no experience with the other brands mentioned on here but those pups sounded better than the stock ones on a Gibson Les Paul Custom I was playing through a high end Friedman Half stack at the Atlanta Guitar Center Platinum Shop July 4th weekend. Also remember that the original 59 PAFs had aged ten years by the time the Brit Rockers were making noise in the late 60's. I am hoping these will also age nicely and sound like a 59 set; that is what my tech suggested as to any "new" PAF clones that we purchase.

Good pickup for the price

By William from Williamsburg, VA 
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, July 08, 2014

After reading previous reviews, I decided to try these on a new build of a Washburn HB-35 combined with the Golden Age roller bridge and a B-7 Bigsby. I chose the standard A2/A5 combo, going through premium CTS pots. In this guitar, these pups give a good warm tone that competes with my 335. I was pleasantly surprised with the sound, and even more so with the price. I do wish the leads were a little longer, especially the neck one. I had to start feeding the pots in before I could solder on the neck pup. Not really a big deal. just another inch of lead would have helped.

A5 vs A2

By jmax from Vancouver BC
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, May 06, 2014

I put a set of these in my Epiphone Dot last year (A5 neck, A2 Bridge, like everyone here seems to suggest). However, much as I *love* the sound of the neck, I found the A2 bridge kind of anemic in that particular guitar. A fair bit of upper-mids, not as much bite or definition as I'd like. I replaced the bridge with an A5 and am happier with it... there's more bite, and it makes a better match with the bell-like A5 neck.

Simply Great

By KScott from Chandler, AZ
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, May 02, 2014

If you are considering SD's or DM's for your guitar, save a bit of money and try these, you won't be disappointed. Use the money you save to do other upgrades. I replaced all electronics (pups, wires, cts pots, switchcraft switch and pio caps) for about the same price as the "boutique" pups alone ... maybe less. It made an ok LP copy sound awesome. I put a set of modern GA buckers in my sons LP copy as well. I call it "punch" and I call my PS axe "crunch". Love the sound of both guitars. Very sweet.

Great sound

By DJ Mammo from Kalamazoo USA
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, May 01, 2014

Put these on a used PRS Tremonti SE and now I dont feel the need to go out and spend $$$$$ on a Gibson Les Paul. I have the neck p'up tilt going on too. I may torque the legs a bit to make it lay flatter or find flatter p'up rings. These are the old single conductor / braided ground type but so far I haven't felt the need to split these coils.

Amazing exact tone of an Original PAF

By Ed Mili from Edgewood, Maryland
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I just had the 5416-GS set of Alnico 5 at the neck and Alnico 2 at the bridge installed on my completely from the ground up upgraded Epiphone Lucille. The only hardware /wiring/switches/hand made vintage bone nut/ Gibson Deluxe tuning gears and electronics left that were stock is the strap pegs. Everything else is pure factory Gibson except these Golden Age Parson's Street pickups. I was going to use Gibson 57 Classics but my tech talked me in to these because he believed they were even closer to the original early PAF's then the current Gibson Classics. He was right. My Lucille is a whole new instrument. I have Gibson 57 Classics in other guitars and believe me, these Parson's Street pickups are alive, articulate, note definitive and so balanced note to note that they just left me amazed.


By from N. Attleboro, MA USA
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, April 08, 2014

I bought this pair 5416-2 (Alnico 5 neck, Alnico 2 bridge) to go into a Les Paul kit project I built. These pickups are just perfect! and the guitar sounds better than my other famous factory made guitars?... Quality is super for the cost (what a set should cost IMHO), and the pole screws came pre-adjusted too, as I had to do very little tweaking afterwards! Although the neck pickup sits somewhat angled with the screw poles closer to the strings (like in the pic with the goldtop) I am not sure if this intentional, or if it may be hitting inside the cavity? Anyhow I don't want to change a thing because they sound Sooooo great! What a great compliment to my Les Paul guitar project! Thanks!

Perfect for an EPI les Paul project

By rf from Atl, Ga USA
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, March 29, 2014

I have a 2000 korean made EPI Les Paul and I just put in a set of parson street Alnico 2 pickups. These are hands down as good as duncan antiquities in my opinion as I have a set of those in another EPI les Paul. I also changed out the pots/caps/wiring to CTS, Emerson PIO caps and switch craft 3 way and output jack all from Stewmac. All this made a decent guitar into a really nice sounding LP. Great pickups. Warm, clean, and will growl when you crank it :)

great pickups!

By rf from Atl, Ga USA
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, March 03, 2014

I replaced the stock pick ups in a 1989 Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor with the golden age parsons street humbuckers in gold finish. They really sound great - had a pair of gibson classic 57s in another similar guitar and these sound as good to me as those did for 1/2 the price. The only thing I would suggest is that Stewmac offer the gold with the restoration covers. The guitar, being 25 yrs old showed some natural aging on the tail piece and original pickups, so I wanted the new pickups to have that same look. I was able to 'relic' the covers on the set I purchased but it involved removing them from the pickups. I also upgraded the wiring and control pots/switch/output jack to vintage style and CTS and switchcraft brand. Guitar sounds amazing now. Customer Svc at Stewmac was great as usual.

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