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Hot humbucker

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Golden Age Lipstick Pickups Single-coil


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Get that clean, chiming Lipstick tone first heard in the '50s.
Golden Age single-coil and hot humbucker models fit Strat® pickguards and standard humbucker mounting rings.

Vintage vibe, great price!
Golden Age Lipstick pickups feature waxed poly-coated coil wire wound on Alnico 5 bar magnets, encased in iconic chrome-plated metal tubes. This fully shielded design produces the clean, classic jangly sound, while sized for easy installation in modern guitars. A favorite for slide playing, too. We also added a 4-conductor shielded hookup wire to our blistering hot humbucker, for an expanded tone palette.

Screws, springs and wiring diagrams are included. These pickups work with any string spacing up to 2-3/16".

  Single-coil  Humbucker 
Coil wire  42AWG  43AWG 
Resistance  3.8K ohms  12.0K ohms 
Hookup wire  Single-conductor with shield  4-conductor with shield 

Note: Golden Age Lipstick pickups won't fit original Danelectro® guitars.

Product Instructions

Golden Age Lipstick Humbucking Pickup Instructions

Wiring diagrams and color codes

Product Instructions

Golden Age Lipstick Single-coil Pickup Instructions

Wiring diagrams

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Golden Age Lipstick Pickups

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