EMG-HZ Humbucker Pickup

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High-output passive pickups! H4 and H4A: Raw high-output power from dual bar polepieces and overwound coils under a solid cover.

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H4 ceramic magnet

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H4A Alnico 5 magnet

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High-output passive pickups! H4 and H4A: Raw high-output power from dual bar polepieces and overwound coils under a solid cover.

Both models work with standard or Floyd Rose® / Fender string spread. 13.6K ohms. The H4 has a ceramic magnet for brightness, and the H4A has an Alnico 5 magnet for low-end and midrange emphasis.

Thoroughly "road-tested," HZ pickups were formerly available only on B.C. Rich, ESP, Jackson and Schecter instruments. They're handmade in California by a leader in pickup technology, with precision and attention to detail.

EMG-HZ passive pickups require no batteries and feature high gain and low noise. Each pickup includes a unique 5-pin Quik-Connect™ cable for fast installation and swapping. To minimize noise, all HZs are fully shielded. The coils are potted and the pickups are polymer-encapsulated for microphonic-free performance.

Length: 2.75" (69.85mm)
Width: 1.5" (38.10mm)
Height including mounting tabs: .900" (22.86mm)

Screws, springs and wiring instructions are included. 500K pots recommended.

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EMG-HZ Humbucker Pickup

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By Garrett Morton from Louisville, Ky
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Put the H4 in a Jackson DK2S and it is a HUGE upgrade. I didn't have any experience with EMG's passives, but after A LOT of research I decided to give it a go. The poor thing was really suffering with the Duncan Design pup before.. She was sounding very thin and brittle, not very fitting of such a nice guitar. Enter the H4. She is now a fire breathing metal monster and with the sustainer pickup, I feel like a freaking god when I play it. This pup really has some substance. Nice, thick tone, well balanced, and it plays beautifully clean as well. I couldn't be happier with this purchase. If you're considering picking one up, just stop. Take a deep breath, put it in the cart, and put your big boy pants on, because this thing is going to put hair on your chest. Women will adore you, children will look up to you, and stuff will explode as you walk past due to overload of pure awesomeness. And you might even get a compliment on your amazing guitar tone too.

simple comme bonjour

By r.r.guitarz from quebec canada
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, December 13, 2012

tres simple a installer bien expliquer
tous le fillage, les potentiometres, jack, et pont d`attache, sont fournie avec les pikups il y a juste le selecteur de micro a rajouter et il y a juste le selecteur a souder car tous le reste se conecte en deux minutes et pour le son on ne se trompe pas avec emg belle combinaison ceramique alnico je n`esiterais pas a racheter un autre set

My Favorite pickup

By karday from FT washington, MD
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I use many different pickups in restoring guitars but whenever I build a new guitar I always install these pickups. Chasing a particular players sound is a lot like herding cats. However, when I want to hear the purer sound of the guitar and get an idea of the contribution of the wood to tone and sustain I really prefer the EMG units.

great sound

By CG Guitars from Ontario, Canada
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, August 04, 2011

these pick ups sound great in my custom made CG Talen. Nice tone with coils tapped too. Lots of overdrive