Golden Age Pickups for P-Bass

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Golden Age Pickups for P-Bass

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Golden Age Pickups for P-Bass

About This Item

Authentic specs, great price! A piece of history for your instrument! This is the renowned design that revolutionized bass playing.

Made to vintage specifications with Alnico 5 polepieces for that smooth classic sound, the split coils are wired in series for hum cancellation and clean tone. Our workhorse bass pickup, always a great choice at a great price. Black covers, compressible foam pads for height adjustment, mounting screws, and push-back cloth-insulated lead wires are included.

Dimensions (each cover, minus mounting tabs): 2-3/16" x 1-1/16" x 9/16" tall (55.56mm x 26.99mm x 14.29mm).
Mounting screw spacing (each cover): 2-3/8" (60.32mm)
Polepieces: Alnico 5, with 2-1/4" (57.15mm) string spread across both covers.
Coil wire: AWG42, wound to 10.5K ohms and wax potted for feedback suppression.
Flatwork: Bottom thickness .094" (2.39mm), top .062" (1.57mm).


Product Instructions

Golden Age Bass Pickups

Wiring diagrams and color codes for Golden Age bass pickups.

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Outstanding Pickups - Very Good Price

(Customer's Reviews)

I bought an inexpensive used Squier Affinity Series P-bass for a hobby project. Being a long time Stew-Mac customer, I naturally decided on the Golden Age pickups (and premium wiring kit). The results were outstanding. The bass now sounds great - much, much better than with the original electronics. Thanks, Stew-Mac, for another terrific product.


Nice upgrade -

(Customer's Reviews)

I own a crappy Squire Fender P Bass that I use for practice for home. I used it a couple times for church worship but it sounded thin and farty. I stumbled on to this Stewart McDonald website and read the reviews for the "Golden Age P Bass pickups". I did some other research on the other brand names (EMG, Duncan, etc.) but it felt like the Ford vs. Chevy debate - you know a lot of noise and opinions. I went with the Golden Age P Bass pickups and their premium wiring kit and - - - - - - - WOW - The first puck was warm, yet bright and clear... Is that a contradiction? I don't know, but that's what raced through my mind at the first sound. I play a 4-string tuned B-E-A-D and the low B was loud and clear. By the way, the pots and capacitor that I pulled out of the Squire were puny toy-like things. The stuff I got from Stewart McDonald were good-looking' and the pots FEEL good. I'm very pleased. Great price, too. You need to know how to solder, but it's EASY to install these pups. My tone and volume knobs don't fit the new shafts, but I'll either drill out the old knobs or buy new ones. Oh yeah, the new pickup screws were longer than the ones that came in my bass, so I had to use the old ones. No biggie. If you have a crappy bass, get off yer keester and upgrade!


Stop looking for those vintage P-Bass pickups. These are the ones your looking for.

(Customer's Reviews)

I’ve installed a set of these P-Bass pickups from Stuart Mac in one of my bass projects and they have that classic vintage tone you all been looking for. Thank you Stuart Mac.

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