L.R. Baggs iBeam Active Pickup System

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L.R. Baggs iBeam Active Pickup System

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L.R. Baggs iBeam Active Pickup System

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Pickup, preamp jack and volume control! This is the most popular complete iBeam setup for X-braced steel string guitars.

It features a discrete class-A preamp/endpin jack with pre-contoured EQ for plug-and-play convenience, plus a handy soundhole-mounted mini volume control.

L.R. Baggs iBeam Active Pickup System features the iBeam bridge plate transducer, adhering to the bridge plate beneath the soundboard. It weighs only 8 grams (1/3 ounce), and won't alter the unplugged sound of the instrument.

iBeam is faithful to the tone and attack of any playing style, with full dynamic range and excellent string balance, but without the harshness of piezo transducers. It features the best characteristics of a studio microphone, with less of the feedback that can occur with many internal mini mics. A simple installation jig is included, with complete instructions to help you find the ideal pickup placement inside the guitar for optimum sound.

The new mini volume control adheres to the edge of the guitar's soundhole for unobtrusive fingertip access. An easy no-drill self-adhesive mesh battery mounting bag is included. 9-volt battery required.

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in an Ibanez AC240

(Customer's Reviews)

I recently had the iBeam active pickup system installed in my Ibanez AC240. I really wanted a natural sounding pickup that would not only get the string tones but the wood and air as well. I initially opted to get an M1 LR Baggs, but I checked out their soundcloud samples, and thought that it did not match the sound that I wanted. This pick up is perfect for my guitar since it's an OM size. It gets the tapping, fingerpicking, and strumming really well. I get the air and wood sound that I want. I also tested this through my interface with nothing added, and it sounds like it was mic-ed (what I wanted from a pickup). I recorded the guitar plugged in and with a condenser combined and it just absolutely sounds divine. If you want that mic sound and not spend as much for the hybrid pickups that LR Baggs has, then this one is for you. I wouldn't recommend this though in bigger acoustic guitars like dreadnoughts because it might get too boomy or low for large bodied guitars; losing the high brightness it delivers.


Easy to install and wonderfoul sound

(Customer's Reviews)

I am not a luthier but I need only 45 min. to install this system.
I put it in an old Seagull 12 string guitar and the sound is magic. Natural and deep. I'm really happy.


Easy Install

(Customer's Reviews)

Installation was slick! Bought this to electrify my baby, a Guild D-40 dread. An endpin jack reamer was necessary to enlarge the endpin hole, not an inexpensive acquisition, but no other tools were necessary and installation was quick following the precise directions included. The endpin jack reamer is a necessity - no other tool does the job without damaging the finish. Making sure the places you stick the parts are clean is also important or they will fall off - I used a pad w/ isopropyl alcohol. Measure everything before installing - I originally intended to buy one for my Martin OOO-18 but it won't fit. I am a happy puppy and my baby sings like never before.

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