L.R. Baggs Element Active System

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L.R. Baggs Element Active System

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L.R. Baggs Element Active System

About This Item

An undersaddle transducer that fits most common string spacings and saddle widths.

The Element™ undersaddle transducer for steel-string guitars is flexible, to contact the bridge and saddle more efficiently. The improved coupling increases sensitivity, for a more lively and open acoustic guitar sound with a delicate high end. It works with most common string spacings and saddle widths, including 3/32" and 1/8", for uniform string-to-string balance.

The system features a discrete class-A preamp/endpin jack with pre-contoured EQ for plug-and-play convenience, and a soundhole-mounted mini volume control that requires no soldering or drilling. A handy no-drill mesh battery bag is also included. 9-volt battery required.

Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

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L.R.Baggs Element Active System

(Customer's Reviews)

Simple to install and has GREAT sound. What else is there to say? I have had many sound techs compliment me on the pickups in my guitars and they are all L.R.Baggs.


Easy ti install and sounds fantactic.

(Customer's Reviews)

This pickup is all you need if you want to get great sound out of your guitar with very little installation time.


Still the best under-saddle transducer

(Customer's Reviews)

I fitted one of these to an early '60s LG-1 I'd replaced the plastic bridge on. Great results, but you have to be sure to flatten the saddle base at just the right angle or you get uneven string response and low output gain.

Also, I find the unbleached bone intonated saddle for Gibson guitars works best with this pickup.

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