GHS Acoustic Soundhole Microphone

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GHS Acoustic Soundhole Microphone

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GHS Acoustic Soundhole Microphone

About This Item

The natural sound of your instrument... only louder.

This popular miniature low impedance mic is mounted on a flexible gooseneck, with an integral 1/4" endpin jack.

The microphone is suspended inside the guitar, without contacting the soundboard or altering the instrument's acoustics.

Overall length is 17" allowing the mic to be positioned for best sound. Instructions and battery included.

Also available, a special shielded cable that has 1/4" to 3-pin XLR connectors and is 15 feet long.

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So good I bought another

(Customer's Reviews)

I bought one of these last year for my Levin dreadnought guitar. Easy to fit and once you find the right spot for the microphone it sounds just like the unamplified sound. I have ordered the second to fit in my 5 string banjo. I have been successfully using a little lapel mic, but the GHS will give me plug in simplicity.


Excelent sound, at an affordable price

(Customer's Reviews)

As a classical guitarist, for several years I have searched for a real solution to amplify my instrument, without sacrificing the acoustic tone and warmth from my luthier made ESTRADA guitar.
I encountered solutions with a lot of problems, from coloration, "twang" and unnatural sound up to converting my guitar into a "howling box".
GHS microphone has what I needed: a great sound, capable to be amplified at very loud levels to compete with latin percussions, bass and other instruments.
Due to the specific nature of my own guitar (the body is extremely light, constructed of "Cupressus", the kind for Flamenco guitars), I needed to add some cotton lining into it to be able to attain that level of amplifications, without affecting the sound at all.
I also had some pain positioning the microphone because I had no idea how it would be, but found some forums for guitar microphonics and learned that it shall be directed to the soundboard, an close enough to to it to catch a strength sound and reduce at the same time, that "boxed" sound characteristic, due to internal mics.
Another option was the massively expensive "L.R.Baggs Anthem", that I don't know if is a better solution.
At last, you need a 1/4" to XLR-M cable to connect to a console or studio preamp, and if you are planning to connect your guitar to an effects pedal or instrument amp, you'll need; after the XLR connector; an impedance transformer to convert from LOW to HIGH impedance, to match the input in the mentioned devices because the GHS is a LOW IMPEDANCE microphone, as mentioned in the user guide.


Stealth mic for Acoustic

(Customer's Reviews)

I love the sensitivity of this mic when connected to either pa or acoustic or guitar amp!! The tonal quality is wide allowing the user to taper and shape his natural sound to the room acoustics. Recording-wise it gets two thumbs up vs. a standard vocal mic but would not compare to a ribbon mic. I had to extend the battery leads to mount battery on my heel block with velcro for easy battery changes. install was done with a drill and a socket wrench with a string to pull the jack from the sound hole to the end block. Install level rank as novice, I have had sucess with two installs so far.

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