L.R. Baggs iMix System

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L.R. Baggs iMix System

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L.R. Baggs iMix System

Dual sound sources: the iMix combines the iBeam and the Element™ for faithful acoustic guitar amplification on stage or in the studio.

The iMix is a great solution for achieving incredibly faithful feedback-resistant acoustic sound in almost any stage situation, as well as in the studio. It brings the benefits of dual sound sources without external gear, and without cutting a hole in your guitar for an onboard preamp.

L.R. Baggs iMix System combines the acclaimed iBeam pickup with the undersaddle Baggs Element™ transducer.

• The iBeam delivers full dynamics without piezo "quack."
• The Element™ works with most common string spacings and saddle widths, including 3/32" and 1/8", for uniform string-to-string balance.

This combo is controlled by an internally-mounted discrete class-A preamp, featuring:
• Adjustable gain, low-cut, mid-contour and stereo/mono output selection.
• Convenient soundhole-mounted fingertip volume and mix controls.

Easy installation
The preamp and soundhole controls are designed for easy self-adhesive installation inside the guitar, without cutting or drilling.

A pre-wired stereo endpin jack and a handy no-drill mesh battery bag are included, plus installation instructions.

9-volt battery required.

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StewMac took care of me

(Customer's Reviews)

I installed the Imix system in my Yairi and I love the sound of it. Having the blend between transducer and piezo is fantastic, I usually keep the blend either 50/50 or a little more towards the iBeam. Very natural sound from the Ibeam and nice lowend and attack from the element. I had a problem with the imix preamp, where the gain mini-pot was cutting out. I sent an email to StewMac and they said they'd ship another preamp straight out for me and to send back the faulty one back at their expense (from Australia). Great service (as always)!! Thanks guys! ---Dave


love this pickup!

(Customer's Reviews)

I've installed this on a few guitars (including my own) and it is one of the best sounding pickups on the market. Being able to mix between the piezo and the transducer gives you all the options you want in a live situation.

The element side is aggressive with less tendency for feedback in a louder rock situation, while the ibeam side is clear and natural when you are playing more solo/duo gigs. The blend of the two is clean, natural with great attack and low end.


She sings!

(Customer's Reviews)

I put this into a Larivee parlor guitar, and she sings! The balance control is very useful in dialing in the right mix of piezo and IBeam sounds, which is less subtle than you might think. As the reviewer from Italy said, put it into a good sounding guitar, and you will get a great amplified sound.

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