L.R. Baggs Anthem System

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Mic-based hybrid pickup system! A breakthrough in natural acoustic sound, with impressive feedback resistance even at high volume.

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L.R. Baggs Anthem System

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Mic-based hybrid pickup system! A breakthrough in natural acoustic sound, with impressive feedback resistance even at high volume.

Revolutionary L.R. Baggs Tru-Mic technology captures the voice of the traditional X-braced acoustic guitar as only the fidelity and dynamics of a well-crafted microphone can. The bridge plate mounted noise-cancelling mic is supplemented at the lowest frequencies by the clean, clear Element undersaddle transducer. This microphone-centric approach is unique among hybrid pickup systems.

"L.R. Baggs has taken a truly giant leap forward with the Tru-Mic Anthem system. And by focusing on a microphone-oriented solution—an approach that many players and certainly engineers regard as the best way to capture a guitar's natural tone—L.R. Baggs is helping raise the bar for what players can expect from an accessibly priced system." —Premier Guitar Magazine review

L.R. Baggs Anthem System includes:

The Tru-Mic adheres to the bridge plate inside an X-braced guitar. It weighs only 1/2 ounce, avoiding any significant dampening effect on the instrument's natural sound. The housing positions the mic just 3 millimeters from the guitar surface, to achieve very high gain before feedback, and capture the sound of the entire vibrating guitar top. The sound quality and feedback resistance of the Tru-Mic set it apart from other "hybrid" mic/transducer systems that are primarily undersaddle-pickup based.

The Element undersaddle transducer in the Anthem System normally augments the mic at only the lowest frequencies, to add punch and authority. It works with common string spacings and saddle widths, for uniform string balance, and is flexible for more efficient contact and sensitivity. (Note: L.R. Baggs recommends professional installation for all undersaddle pickups.)

The Preamp/Controller is a featherweight unit that adheres below the edge of a 4"-diameter soundhole on a standard X-braced guitar. It puts you in control, with volume, mic/pickup mix, phase inversion (for feedback control), critical mic gain and battery-check right at your fingertips. The mix control allows a blend between the augmented mic and the undersaddle pickup at full-range when desired.

Also included are an endpin jack (1/2" hole required) with wiring harness, battery connector with no-drill battery bag, self-stick internal wire clips, and peel-and-stick adhesive for the mic, preamp and battery bag.

9-volt battery required.

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L.R. Baggs Anthem System

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L R Baggs Anthem Tru Mic

By Luca Mennoia from Italy
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, July 10, 2013

This is probably the best pickup system for acoustic guitars. This hybrid system combines an excellent noise-cancelling microphone with a fantastic under-saddle piezo transducer. All connections are solderless and no glues are used to install it. This makes this system the easiest to install. It is invisible! The amplifier goes under the internal side of the soundhole. You have to make just two holes to install it. One for the piezo transducer under the saddle slot and another on the bottom side for the endpin jack. Never seen easier installation methods than this and the sound...it is beautuful! The noise cancellation system works very well: as you lift your hands up from unpicked strings it seems your guitar is disconnected! No larsen, no feedback while your hands are not on strings!! And no damping frequencies are cutted off by the cancellation system: sound remains natural! You can regulate with a mini screwdriver the sound's brillance and two control wheels allow you to mix the piezo sound with the mic one and to regulate the volume. There is also the phase inverter to avoid further feedbacks and a special button which illuminates, when pressed, up to 5 led green lights for the battery check. I installed it on my Cort Earth 700 NAT. The result is great. Sound was good without the pickup and now i have the possibility to reproduce an identic sound and to amplify it without any changes! Maybe the battery life is too short but it is acceptable if you consider how excellent is the sound!

Anthem: true to the acoustic sound

By DhaenensGuitars from Aarschot, Belgium, Europe
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I recently installed a Baggs Anthem in a Santa Cruz dreadnought for one of my customers. The installation went swiftly. The sound of the Anthem is exceptional and very true to the acoustic sound. I also like the ability to mix the sound of the under saddle element with the sound of the floating microphone. It gives you just enough control so you can dial in the perfect sound for every type of music. Great product.

L. R. Baggs Anthem

By Mister G. from Switzerland
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I would first congratulate Sewmac for the celerity of the delivering; I mean Switzerland is not your next door and I'm traying to understand how you can achieve to deliver here after only 2 and half days... I ordered my Anthem system on a friday afternoon and the next monday at 12 it was delivered ... Do you have a private space shuttle? Thank's & kudo for that.
I installed the Anthem myself in about 30 minutes and after the final setup of the guitar I was really impressed of the result, the instrument sounds in my home studio exactly like a well microphoned acoustic guitar, with the Element I can add a little more crispiness if needed, the sound is absolutely amazing. I'm a performing and recording guitarist since more than 40 years, my constant problem was to play and record an acoustic guitar and I tryed, I think any existing system and have many of them in my arsenal, every system has positive and negative sides. Now I think I've finally found one of the best, if not the best. I'm very impressed by the quality of the Anthem and I will recommand it to every guitarist looking for the natural and pure sound of an acoustic. Thank's to L.R. Baggs, he did a real great job.

Tru-Mic v. iMix

By Pete Dickson from Dallas
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, June 11, 2012

First: kudos to StewMac. The first Tru-Mic was defective, and it was replaced in two business days. Great service/support!!

I replaced the existing pickup in a very fancy Larivee, which I don't think has the x-bracing Baggs recommends. Nevertheless, installation was a snap. The only slight problem is that the guitar butt is almost too wide for the jack.

The sound is...interesting. Different. I think we may have lost our ability to appreciate a microphonic sound. I do like it.

I compared the TruMic to an iMix system I installed in a Martin OO. The TruMic has lower output (and I always thought the iMix had low output). I like the iMix innards better, I think, because there is not a large control box hanging upside down on the top of the guitar, waiting for the doublestick tape to wear out. For $70 less, the iMix has a lot to commend it soundwise, but that TruMic has...a certain something.

L R Baggs Anthem

By Terry Docherty from UK
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, October 09, 2011

I've recently fitted two of these mic-centric systems. The first was to one of my own guitars made for English singer-songwriter, Pete Scott and the second to an old Epiphone Texan owned by my good friend Jim Sharpe. Unfortunately I didn't photograph either but apart from being child's play to fit, the sound in both instances was staggering. I'd read a lot about both the Anthem and the Anthem SL but hearing is believing and I now have two very satisfied customers. The mic, fitted inside the guitar just under the saddle, produces a clear, pure and warm acoustic sound of remarkable accuracy and with volume without feedback. The system is easy to adjust with the transducer just doing enough to fill out the sound without "quacking". What I don't know as yet is how it performs in a large room or auditorium but I've no reason to doubt its capacity. I'll let you know as soon as Pete or Jim give me some feedback but its definitely a case of "so far so good". A very classy piece of kit and it would seem, based on my results thus far, that L R Baggs have done it again and brought us all a big step nearer to the holy grail.

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