Pickup Spring Tubing

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Pickup Spring Tubing

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Pickup Spring Tubing

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Just like on vintage Fenders, this rubber tubing avoids microphonic feedback and rattles that metal pickup springs can cause.

An alternative to coil springs; simply cut to length and slide over your height screws. 1-foot length, 1/4" diameter.

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Tube Spring Boogie

(Customer's Reviews)

I use this tubing along with the two different metal springs S-M sells when I need to deal differently with space restrictions under my pickguards. This stuff has the added advantage of not making any noise, mechanical or harmonic, when installed.


Better than springs

(Customer's Reviews)

Especially on older pickups. They haelp eliminate that annoying hum.


101 other uses

(Customer's Reviews)

I found that this product is also great to use as a stop on drill bits. Can be cut to the required length and slid onto small diameter bits, leaving the desired cutting portion exposed. Beats having pieces of tape flapping around and around.

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