Pickup Kit for P-Bass

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Pickup Kit for P-Bass

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Pickup Kit for P-Bass

About This Item

Build your own pickup for the classic P-Bass® sound, or wind it your own way for custom output and tone.

This kit contains the vintage-spec parts you'll need for making the classic split-coil configuration. Alnico 5 magnets produce a bright tone with a tight low end and stinging highs.

    Pickup Kit for P-Bass includes
  • Black fiber bobbin flatwork
  • Alnico 5 polepieces ready to magnetize (instructions included)
  • Black and white push-back wire
  • Compressible foam strips for height adjustment
  • Mounting screws
  • Black plastic covers
Cover dimensions
(each cover, minus mounting tabs)
2-3/16" x 1-1/16" x 9/16" tall
(55.56mm x 26.99mm x 14.29mm)
Mounting screw spacing
(each cover)
2-3/8" (60.32mm)
String spread across both covers 2-1/4" (57.15mm)
Polepiece dimensions .530" tall x .195" dia.
(13.46mm x 4.95mm)


Product Instructions

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Product Instructions

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A very good kit


Having read the writings of the previous reviewers I was a bit nervous at first, but there was nothing wrong with this kit.
The holes are nicely cut for the size of the magnets, so they fit snugly.
The holes on the cover line up with the holes on the flatwork.
The .710 magnets are a bit long for vintage specs? I didn`t mind. In fact I was able to use thicker wire, still ending up with more definition and detail in sound than I can get with a shorter magnet. My customer was over the moon with his fretless bass I fitted it on! And that`s what really matters, innit? Thank you guys at Stewmac for the great kit!


holes oversized


The first problem i've got with a stew mac winding kit. The holes are oversized and magnets are to long (shoould be 0,531 but they are 0,710) -- hope this won't happen again


holes in top fiber oversized 


This is my first kit with a problem. the magnet adjusted well in the bottom but the top fiber passed through, I had to glue it. Also the plastic cover was undersized, after a little sand, fit well.


great kit!


has all the parts you need, and is very affordable..and like always, the best quality around


+1 on "minor flaws"


The bobbin top and bottom do not line up. The supplied cover doesn't fit. Neither does a Fender cover. Other than that,they are nicely made.

This is the first problem I have had with any pickup kit.


A couple minor flaws


Easy to assemble, the instructions are easy to follow too. The issues I have are the height of the magnets not being vintage spec, the polepiece spacing being off, and the plastic covers that come with the kit don't even fit the pickups...

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