Pickup Kit for Jazz Bass

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Pickup Kit for Jazz Bass

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Pickup Kit for Jazz Bass

About This Item

Build your own pickups for the classic Jazz Bass® sound, or wind them your own way for custom output and tone.

This kit contains the vintage-spec parts you'll need for making bridge and neck position pickups. Alnico 5 magnets produce a bright tone with a tight low end and stinging highs.

    Pickup Kit for Jazz Bass includes
  • Black fiber bobbin flatwork
  • Alnico 5 polepieces ready to magnetize (instructions included)
  • Black and white push-back wire
  • Compressible foam strips for height adjustment
  • Mounting screws
  • Black plastic covers
Bridge Pickup for Jazz Bass
Cover dimensions
(minus mounting tabs)
3-11/16" x 11/16" x 3/4" tall
(93.66mm x 17.46mm x 19.05mm)
Mounting screw spacing1-9/16" x 15/16" (39.69mm x 23.81mm)
String spread2-5/16" (58.74mm)

Neck Pickup for Jazz Bass
Note: Jazz Bass pickup dimensions have varied slightly over the years. Please measure your pickup cavities before replacing older pickups.
Cover dimensions
(minus mounting tabs)
3-9/16" x 11/16" x 3/4" tall
(90.49mm x 17.46mm x 19.05mm)
Mounting screw spacing1-1/2" x 15/16" (39.10mm x 23.81mm)
String spread2-3/16" (55.56mm)


Product Instructions

Wax potting pickups

Custom pickup builder Lindy Fralin explains the reasoning behind and guidelines to wax potting pickups.

Product Instructions

Parts Kit for Jazz Bass Pickups

Assembly instructions for the Jazz bass pickup kit.

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good pickups for the price

(Customer's Reviews)

cant be beat for the price, but with the last ones I bought the magnet holes where off center giving me slight trouble fitting them in the covers, had to widen the holes a tad+ countersink the from inside
worked out in the end, and would buy the again anyhow


Pickup Kit for Jazz Bass

(Customer's Reviews)

This is a great kit, it's easy to work with and the result is a quality pickup but the pole pieces could be shorter in order to have flush pole pieces over the bobbin


Just wound these up

(Customer's Reviews)

I just finished winding these pups. They are very good, the slugs fit well not overtight, plus you have all that you need. The only downside is that you need to install the brass eyelets yourself. Thank you Stewmac.

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