P-90 Pickup Kits with Plastic Bobbin

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P-90 Pickup Kits with Plastic Bobbin

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P-90 Pickup Kits with Plastic Bobbin

About This Item

Build your own pickups! This kit has a 1950s-style black plastic bobbin and 1.97" (50mm) polepiece spacing.

Build faithful reproductions of the classic Gibson® single-coil pickups: go for the vintage sound, or wind them your own way for custom tone. Our kits take the guesswork out of pickup-making, with authentic-specification parts and assembly instructions to make the job easy and fun.

    Each kit contains:
  • Nickel-silver baseplate
  • Nickel-plated polepiece screws
  • Alnico 5 magnets with threaded steel spacer
  • Mounting screws and springs
  • Coil lead wires
  • Single-conductor braided-shield hookup wire

Matching P-90 Soap-bar Cover is available in cream or black.

About P-90 pickups: The Gibson® team designed the P-90 in 1946. It was their most commonly used pickup until the appearance of the PAF humbucker in the late 1950s. The P-90 is a punchy single-coil with a fat, warm sound and a raw high end response. It's still used by Gibson® on several models. Recently, "boutique" pickup builders have begun making custom versions of the P-90 using black fiber flatwork similar to Fender pickups. This gives a unique but traditional look when the pickups are installed without covers.

We have lots of pickup winding supplies like wire, tape, and tools for winding pickups.

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Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

Fixing (and breaking!) a 1957 Gibson P-90 pickup

After 55 years, the original owner sells a 1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior because the pickup's dead. Erick Coleman tells the story of bringing that pickup back to life.


Product Instructions

P-90 Pickup Kit with Vintage-style Bobbin

Assembly instructions for the P-90 pickup kit with vintage-style bobbin.

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Great kit!

(Customer's Reviews)

I purchased this kit to rebuild a P-90 pick-up from a 1965 Gibson SJ, Jr. that had been ruined. After assembling, winding the pick-up, and installing it on the SG, I was blown away blown away by the output and the authentic vintage grit. It sounds as good - if not better then the original pick-up.


Plastic bobbin and Alnico 5 magnets

(Customer's Reviews)

Great kit, easy to follow instructions. Made my $300 Japanese hollow body sound like a ES-125. The one improvement that can be made is an option for the base plate. the plate can't mount to the dogear covers. depending on your build/repair, you may need to get another plate with the mounting tabs


Excellent product!

(Customer's Reviews)

I am very pleased with the kit I bought, really fantastic!

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