JHS Old School Fuzz Pedal Kit

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JHS Old School Fuzz Pedal Kit

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JHS Old School Fuzz Pedal Kit

About This Item

    Build your own high quality pedal
  • Genuine JHS circuits and components
  • Easy StewMac instructions and support

The Old School Fuzz perfectly captures the sound of the classic FUZZrite™ pedal from 1968—but that's only half the story.

This kit adds a Hi/Lo toggle switch to double your options:
Tone 1: Brighter sound/less gain (original FUZZrite)
Tone 2: Heavier fuzz/more bass

This pedal loves to be loud!
High volume lets more low end through, and the Old School Fuzz really shines when it's hitting a tube amp hard.

JHS Pedals, makers of the finest hand-built effects, created the Old School Fuzz Kit exclusively for StewMac. This classic fuzz isn't available ready-made, but it's a fun project to build.

    Genuine JHS quality
  • Top choice components used by JHS
  • Genuine JHS circuit board
  • Sturdy cast metal case, predrilled
  • Step-by-step picture instructions from StewMac

True bypass: when the Old School Fuzz is switched off, it does not affect your signal chain.

This DIY pedal kit includes:
Metal pedal enclosure (4-13/16" x 2-5/8" x 1-3/8")
Circuit board
Control knobs
Toggle switch
Stomp switch
Output jacks
LED + LED mounting bezel
DC power connector
Ribbon cable and wire

This pedal requires a standard 9V DC center-negative power supply (not included) and consumes less than 100mA. There's no battery option.



Product Instructions

Pedal Kit Assembly Instructions

Build your own high quality pedal from JHS and StewMac

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Great Fuzz Pedal


Verified Buyer

I think this pedal sounds great. Simple and quick to build. The only issue I ran into was the 9v jack gets in the way of a capacitor on the board. I had to lean the cap over a little and turn the 9v jack just right to get it in.


Fun Proeect. Great Pedal


Verified Buyer

This is a quick, easy and fun build but a very good and versatile fuzz pedal.

The instructions are comprehensive and well laid out. The parts are of good quality. The PCB is well laid out and robust enough to deal with hand soldered components.

This is a great project and a useful pedal to have in the arsenal.

I may order a few more to see me through the coming winter nights


if you like doing some soldering.....


Verified Buyer

if you like doing some soldering.......these kits are awesome!! A lot of fun putting them together and they sound pretty good too IMO. Also no weird noises even when cranked and that's good.
The Boost and Fuzz are the easiest to assemble, but if you take your time and pay attention to the instructions, you can't go wrong. I used the website instructions cause they're in color and that helps a lot in spotting the right resistors vs the paper ones that are b/w. I really recommend these kits. Enjoy, from Italy over n out, Ciao!

StewMac PDF Catalog, page 85 See JHS Old School Fuzz Pedal Kit
on page 85 of our StewMac Digital Catalog