JHS 808 Overdrive Pedal Kit

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JHS 808 Overdrive Pedal Kit

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JHS 808 Overdrive Pedal Kit

About This Item

    Build your own high quality pedal
  • Genuine JHS circuits and components
  • Easy StewMac instructions and support

JHS 808: Improves on the TS-808 Tube Screamer
The most famous overdrive ever, the 808 was favored by discriminating guitarists including Joe Bonamassa, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Johnson.

    Building on the classic 808 circuit, JHS Pedals added a three-way gain switch for more options:
  • Classic 808 sound that made this circuit famous
  • Open volume boost
  • Added LED-driven crunch
    This is the genuine JHS 808 in kit form
  • Original quality components used by JHS
  • Genuine JHS circuit board
  • Sturdy cast metal case, predrilled
  • Step-by-step picture instructions from StewMac

If you can't buy it, build it!
JHS retired their hand-built JHS 808, and the only way to buy one has been to talk somebody into selling theirs (not likely). These great pedals need to be back in the hands of players, so StewMac partnered with JHS to create this classic reissue kit.

True bypass: when the JHS 808 is switched off, it does not affect your signal chain.

This DIY pedal kit includes:
Metal pedal enclosure (4-13/16" x 2-5/8" x 1-3/8")
Circuit board
Control knobs
Toggle switch
Stomp switch
Output jacks
Op-amp and socket
LED + LED mounting bezel
DC power connector
Ribbon cable and wire

This pedal requires a standard 9V DC center-negative power supply (not included) and consumes less than 100mA. There's no battery option.



Product Instructions

Pedal Kit Assembly Instructions

Build your own high quality pedal from JHS and StewMac

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Fun to assemble


Verified Buyer

This project was fun to assemble. the instructions were clear and easy to follow. The components, seem to be of good quality, especially the aluminium box.
The pedal sounds great. I've owned several tube screamers.


This pedal is unbelievable!


Verified Buyer

I own a JHS Ice Tea and this kit is kind of half of the Ice Tea so I was curious to know if it was as good or perhaps even better...

The kit arrived well packaged and with all parts present including printed instructions. I'm well used to soldering so wasn't too daunted and once I had sorted all the components and laid them out in an orderly fashion, assembly went fairly quickly. I had one component left over, but this was obviously a mistake. Still, better to have too many than to find parts missing.

Final assemble is a little awkward to get the LED in exactly the right place and fixing the pots to the reverse of the board needs to be done with care otherwise they don't line up with the holes in the case (and are a pain to de-solder if you get it wrong!).

Assembly complete I plugged in with fingers crossed! The sound this thing produces is awesome. I use a '60s Strat and a JMI AC30 and the sound is rich, powerful and incredibly gutsy. I've done an A/B with the Ice Tea and I think the kit gets the edge . Amazing and good fun to build.


Great service after the sale


Verified Buyer

This was the first pedal I attempted to build, and it works great. It is a Tubescreamer clone and it does what it's advertised to do. It has the tone of the original, which is fantastic. It's addicting to build these things and to get that vintage sound is a bonus. I had one capacitor that kept blowing (swelling, leaking) and after contacting customer service; they asked for a picture of my soldered board and they immediately recognized I had 3 resistors in the wrong positions. I unsolderted them and corrected my mistake. They solved my issue and I learned to use better lighting when I put these things together. Highly recommended for anyone who likes to build their own stuff and save money in the process. I'm building all my future effects pedals after this experience. Thanks StewMac!


A lot of fun to assemble, with a KILLER pedal to show for it!


Verified Buyer

I love this pedal! I'm a long-time luthier/guitar tech, and being a "guitar straight into the amp" blues player, I never really took the time to know as much about pedals as I feel I should. Recently I began assembling a pedalboard for myself, and I decided to pick this bad mama up to use as my OD pedal. I've used TubeScreamers before and loved 'em, but never owned one. The fact that I'd get to assemble it was the kicker that sealed the deal, with the ostensible fact that it might save me a few ten-spots over a pre-assembled similar pedal being the gravy on top of it all.

I've been soldering for a while, but I don't oftentimes solder through-board components to PCBs except for isolated repairs on components that don't necessitate a rework station. Assembling an entire circuit on a PCB was a first for me, but it was pretty simple and straightforward; This project is suitable for folks who are learning how to solder, but I would recommend not attempting it if you're a total newbie. If you can solder a volume pot well, you should be able to solder this pedal with minimal heartache. Just clear off a decently large and uncluttered area, check and make sure all the pieces were included, take your time and triple-check that the component you're about to install is the right component, and get soldering!

Full assembly took me about 2-3 hours. I painted it yellow (It's not a tube screamer, it's a valve yeller) and I absolutely love the finished product; It sounds absolutely awesome! Like apparently every other reviewer noted, the effect of the 3-way switch seems incredibly subtle, to the point that you wonder if it's really doing anything at some points, but it could be one of those things that requires the right situation to be really noticeable. It's not enough of a deal to fault the item because it sounds so damn good. That's really the only gripe I have about the kit/pedal, though I would say that I kind of wish it came with waterslide/rub-on-transfer decals or something to label the controls, as there's not much real estate to add it by hand unless you're really good with an enamel pen or a super-tiny paintbrush. I had a whole motif planned out but decided against it due to lack of real estate. That's small beans, though! This little thing kills!

Thanks to both JHS and StewMac for getting together to offer this kit! I've love to see a chorus or reverb pedal in a kit, too, if y'all feel like hopping on that.




Verified Buyer

This is great. I bought this to try, I didn't expect it to be that great. Well, I was wrong.

This was my first ever soldering project. I effectively learned to solder by building it. The instructions are very clear and I would say it took me 4-5 hours to build in one sitting. A few tips I have are this:
1. buy a soldering gun that allows you to control the temp. You don't really want anything over 350 Celsius and I had a hard time finding one with such a low temp at hardware stores.

2. Get thin solder too! You can find these cheap Chinese made soldering guns on Amazon for $10 that come with solder too.

3. The solder gun I bought (cheaply!) came with extra tips. This turned out to be great because I used the pinpoint tip. I could see it being more difficult to do this project if I didn't have that precise, thin tip that the solder gun came with.

4. Look up some youtube videos on how to solder. This was super helpful for me (newbie). When I first started this, my solder points looked like crap. By time I was done, my solder was only filling the pinholes and I understood how to control the solder much better. Use gravity!

Other than that, this thing rocks. I have a couple of Gibson SGs, a telecaster, and some other cool guitars that I tried with this. But I have to mention that I play out of a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier half stack. Let me say this: even if you turn the drive all the way down, the Tone knob works wonders for my amp. Seriously! My amp is an expensive amp, but sometimes it seems to lack some tone in the high end. This pedal made it sparkle!! Seriously!! a $100 pedal made my $2,500 half stack sound amazing. With just a little bit of pedal drive and a little Mesa overdrive, this thing had me sounding like Satriani (not playing wise, obviously). But the sustain, the hammer ons, all of that just became super fluid and had a wonderful texture in the high end. I've never played a real handwired Tubescreamer, but this thing is so cool.

I definitely recommend. Though I would agree with Mess's comment that the selector switch didn't make much difference. Perhaps if you were in a studio setting it would be more audible, but on my Mesa it wasn't that noticeable. Regardless, this pedal sounds awesome! And it was fun to learn -- I may order another one!!!


This is the 808 sound I remember


Verified Buyer

Well worth the time to build if if loved the TS-808 and can't find a clone that gets the sound you used to love so much. I took me about 16 man hours to get it fully up and running. Not a problem to build at all if you know how to solder circuit board component.

I personally find the 3 position switch hard to distinguish the differences in the tone. But It might be different on your rig. Myself I'll probably always just use the "standard" setting as I really like what I get.


Great idea...Poor execution...


Verified Buyer

Kit was missing parts which were sent AFTER I'd built. In addition, final product didn't work and there is no support. JHS refused to troubleshoot even if I paid. Waste of $100. I should have used that toward buying a real one. Love the idea but if not pre-assembled, worthless if there are ANY issues. Ugh! Still love Stew Mac but this was a fail.

Response from StewMac

We have a tech department that is here to help you with any questions you have about this kit. You can give us a call so we can get you over to their voicemail. They usually make call-backs the same day. You can also email us with any questions you have about these kits. This service is 100% free of charge and our experienced technicians are some of the best in the business. We will send you an email here shortly asking if there is anything we can help with.


-Spencer, Customer Support

StewMac PDF Catalog, page 85 See JHS 808 Overdrive Pedal Kit
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