Rotary Switches

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5 and 6-position rotary switches for custom wiring, PRS guitars and Varitone circuits.

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Rotary Switches 5-position, 4-pole

5-position, 4-pole

Item # 3512
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Rotary Switches 6-position, 2-pole

6-position, 2-pole

Item # 3511
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6 or more $8.91
Rotary Switches 6-position, 4-pole

6-position, 4-pole

Item # 3516
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5 and 6-position rotary switches for custom wiring, PRS guitars and Varitone circuits.

4-pole switch for Paul Reed Smith® guitars, or other custom wiring and pickup combinations.

Item# 3512
Configuration 5-position, 4-pole
Typical use Pickup selector and
custom wiring
Cavity depth   
1-5/16" (33.34mm)

2-pole and 4-pole versions for custom wiring and pickup combinations, such as the Varitone notch filter circuit in Gibson ES-345 and Lucille guitars.

Item# 3511
Configuration 6-position, 2-pole
Typical use Varitone
Cavity depth   
7/8" (22.23mm)
Item# 3516
Configuration 6-position, 4-pole
Typical use Pickup selector,
Varitone, and
custom wiring
Cavity depth   
1-5/16" (33.34mm)

Each rotary switch includes a flat washer, lock washer and two mounting nuts. The coarse-knurled split shaft has M9 x .75 thread; the threaded portion is 3/8" tall (10mm). 3/8"-diameter (10mm) mounting hole is required.

#0526 Chickenhead Knob is available separately to fit these switches.

Product Instructions

Wiring Kit for Paul Reed Smith

Wiring diagram for a guitar with Paul Reed Smith (PRS)-style electronics.

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Rotary Switches

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Great mod project

By dmh39 from Salisbury, Massachusetts USA
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, April 11, 2011

I bought this switch to add a coil tap option to my Firebird and clean up its looks by removing the three-way switch. The 3512 switch is a bit taller than the control cavity so I needed to add a ~.080" spacer between the body and the rear cover plate for clearance. The new positions sound great and I am happy with the modification. My order arrived right on time and it was a fun project. Thank you Stew-Mac!

Very Versatile, Very Reliable

By 67 Fastback from Norwich,CT
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, March 02, 2011

I used a 4P6T in my Les Paul to control 3 Coil Tapped Humbuckers. I've been beating on it for several years now, and it's still giving me 100% all the time.

No risk, no reward

By Archangel Lutherie from Huntertown, IN
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, January 24, 2011

These will keep me coming back because they're rugged and versatile. I have a 5-way, a 6-way, and recently got another 4P6T for a friends guitar. They're tricky to install and make your control cavity look like spaghetti, but they've officially made me dislike the traditional 3-way toggle switch. I won't play without a rotary (unless it's a Strat-style).

Installing three 6-position, 4 pole Rotary Switches

By boolaboolaman from New Orleans
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I installed a Seymour Duncan P-Rail pick-up in the middle position of a Strat and wired it to a 6-position Rotary Switch. The neck and bridge P-ups are wired to another 6-position Rotary switch and the output leads of those two switches are wired to yet another 6-position Rotary switch. This enables every combination possible (though some are redundant /useless).

The switches work great and the wiring was fun to do. Not hard at all like some reviews I read before diving in. If you can work a soldering iron, there should be no problem. One thing to point out is that I did this for recording sounds; to avoid filtering or EQing. In my case, with three switches, it takes a bit of time to dial in the sounds; Too much fiddling. But most folks wont use three in a scheme so it would be fine for live use.

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