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Megaswitch E-Model


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Megaswitch P-Model


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Megaswitch S-Model


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About This Item

Upgraded! More wiring options, sturdier construction
The 5-way Megaswitch offers nearly unlimited wiring options for HH, HSH, HSS, and SSS guitars. The circuit board layout makes it easy to customize your sound, and it now accepts standard US-thread screws for retrofitting classic American guitars.

Improved contact and durability
Designed for guitarists, each Megaswitch features heavy-duty construction and the best "feel" of all our lever-action switches. All of the contacts are gold-plated, including the contact rotor. The lever is thinner to fit more pickguards and upgraded to steel so it will not break.

E-Model Megaswitch: Extend your wiring options
The E-Model Megaswitch allows wiring configurations not possible with a standard 5-way switch, including automatic coil-tapping and special hum-cancelling connections. 12 lugs provide twice the wiring options as previous 6-lug versions. Use these extra lugs for alternative tone control or pickup combinations. Extensive and easy-to-follow wiring diagrams are included.

P-Model Megaswitch
Replicate the functions of a PRS® rotary switch in a 5-way lever switch. It is designed for guitars with two humbuckers. This switch allows series and parallel coil-taps for the inside and outside coils. 7 lugs.

S-Model Megaswitch
High-quality replacement for the standard 5-way switch in Strats® and many other guitars. Designed for guitars with 3 single-coil pickups. Includes additional options for tone control and pickup combinations. 12 lugs.

Each switch includes
2 chrome screws, 6-32 thread
2 knobs (black and white)
Wiring instructions, including diagrams for 8 different pickup configurations

Body cavity depth required 1-3/8" (34.93mm)
Mounting screw spacing 1-5/8" (41.28mm)
Lever stem .048" x .195"
(1.22mm x 4.95mm)
Pickguard slot required
(for the lever)
1/16" x 1-1/16"
(1.59mm x 27mm)


Product Instructions

E-Model Megaswitch Instructions

Installation and wiring schematics for the E-Model Megaswitch.

S-Model Megaswitch Instructions

Traditional wiring options of the Strat® 5-way switch for 3 pickups

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Simple installation

(Customer's Reviews)

I replaced the switch that came with a set of Lace pickups and pots. With the installation instructions that come with this switch it was very easy to swap switches and solder the connections.


Perfect For What I Needed

(Customer's Reviews)

I have a HSH guitar that I wanted a specific wiring for and this was the only option that would allow me to achieve it. It worked perfectly and the wiring instructions that came with the switch were incredibly helpful. Thanks!


Careful with that iron

(Customer's Reviews)

Watch the heat on your iron! The first time one of the gold contacts came off but that was due to having an iron that was too hot (yes, my bad). Second time was a charm and my HSH setup works just as I wanted from the beginning!



(Customer's Reviews)

This switch has really brought my 1983 Squier start back to life. The original switch had become old and was crackling a lot. So I replaced it with the e model and not only are the options a great improvement, I believe having tone control on the bridge pickup is essential, the guitar itself sounds much fuller and louder etc. Old and tired circuitry can really harm the sound quality of and instrument, and needs replacing when necessary. So not only do I have better tone options, I have better tone period. Very easy to install, and the result is a common sense great sounding strat


lower quality than the line it replaces

(Customer's Reviews)

I was disappointed in the quality of this switch, the old mega-switches were a work of art... built on a solid metal frame. The contact section of this switch is OK but the mechanical aspect is severely lacking. If you follow the blade into the housing you will see that the bending of the blade does not match the area it needs to fill causing the blade to press hard on one side of the slot. Opposite the direction you would want it to lean to keep the contacts engaging. I don't see these as very long lasting and they don't feel like a premium switch. 40 years as an electronics engineer and I really miss the previous Mega-Switch :(

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