Free-Way Ultra Switch

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A customizer's dream! 28 terminals for creating the most sophisticated wiring circuits. Fits a Les Paul® switch cavity without routing!

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Free-Way Switch

Explore the possibilities of a 6-position toggle switch. Coil tap, 3-pickups, piezo activation... you decide!

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A customizer's dream! 28 terminals for creating the most sophisticated wiring circuits. Fits a Les Paul® switch cavity without routing!

Roll up your sleeves and fire up your soldering iron: the 6-way Ultra is a step beyond the original Free-Way switch, with an amazing 28 terminal connections that let you explore the most sophisticated wiring circuits. Access practically any pickup, coil combination, or custom functions you can dream of!

Compact size fits most guitars. The Free-Way Ultra switch is designed to keep your Gibson® Les Paul® or other solidbody looking stock, without routing. Featuring stainless steel construction and space-saving gold-plated terminal pads, it's made and tested to demanding quality standards.

No-rout installation
Compact size can be used in most guitars
More wiring configurations
Distinct switching action for fast changes between positions
Space-saving gold-plated solder pad connections

Mounting nut with flat washer
Cream, black, and amber knobs

Diameter 1-17/64" (32.05mm)
Threaded portion 13/32" (10.39mm)
Threads M12 x 1.0
Required mounting hole diameter 1/2" (12.70mm)
Required body cavity depth 3/8" (9.52mm)

Product Instructions

Free-way Ultra Switch Instructions

Wiring diagrams

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Free-Way Ultra Switch

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Freeway Ultra in a custom Jag style build

(Customer's Reviews)

I installed the Freeway Ultra into a custom built Jag style guitar I have just completed. Positions 1,2 & 3 gives you the normal neck/both/bridge (much like a Jazzmaster) positions 4,5 & 6 gives you in series, in series out of phase and parallel out of phase, all for less switching options than on a normal Jag. If you use 2 volume controls and a tone control as I have, you get a Master Volume control, bridge Volume and Master Tone, in positions 4 and 5 the bridge volume works as a blend knob and gives you some really cool options, Freeway's website has a pretty comprehensive amount wiring diagrams to choose from. Great product and a cheap and very user friendly way of colouring the tone palette of your current guitar or your next custom build, love it!


Excellent Idea, Beautifully Executed.

(Customer's Reviews)

Just installed it in a 2011 Les Paul Studio (2-connector Burstbucker Pros), with new 500K-ohm pots and .047uF caps. Wired it according to the NSF-supplied scheme 16 (HH Phase Scheme 2V/2T). It's excellent. All three standard pickup settings (neck, bridge+neck, bridge) plus beautiful new tonal variations right at your switch: series in-phase, series out-of-phase, and parallel out-of-phase. I highly recommend it for any Les Paul. But do upgrade your pots to 500K-ohm, if they're lower than that, to bring back some of the high end to take best advantage of the extended tonal options. If you need to dive into the muddy sometimes, no worries, just be sure your caps are at least .047uF (or higher). You'll have plenty of room.

Note: The wiring diagrams from NSF are excellent and easy to follow, but there is one circumstance that is not covered in the instructions. If your pickups, like the BB Pros, have only 2 connectors, and one of those connectors is the ground running via the external braided shielding, then you'll need to isolate that shielding so that switch positions 4, 5, and 6 will function properly. (In the 2011 BB Pros, for example, the green wire at the Molex connector is soldered to the shield at some point along the lead...) Just cover the pickup leads, and shielding, end-to-end with heat-shrink tubing or electrical tape to keep the braid from touching anything else in the cavity, and you're in business.

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