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Free-Way Pickup Switch

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Free-Way Pickup Switch Nickel


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Free-Way Pickup Switch

About This Item

Now fits a Gibson® Les Paul® switch cavity without routing! This is an upgrade of the unique switch originally installed in the Jimmy Page Les Paul® Custom.

6-way guitar gearshift! It does the work of multiple standard switches: 2-pole, 6-position transverse toggle action broadens wiring options and tone possibilities. Great for coil-splitting, 3-pickup selection, piezo pickup activation, and humbucker / single-coil / humbucker switching.

No-rout installation
Compact size can be used in most guitars
More wiring configurations
Improved switching feel
Space-saving gold-plated solder pad connections

Mounting nut with flat washer
Cream, black, and amber knobs

Dimensions 61/64" x 1-17/64" (24.13mm x 32.05mm)
Threaded portion 13/32" (10.39mm)
Threads M12 x 1.0
Required mounting hole diameter 1/2" (12.70mm)
Required body cavity depth 3/8" (9.52mm)



Product Instructions

Free-Way Switch Instructions

Installation and wiring diagrams

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Freeway Switch works fantastic!

(Customer's Reviews)

I was missing having a single coil sound with my EVH Wolfgang guitar. I did a little research, and I found at the pick ups for EVH are made by Seymour Duncan. That means they are already wired to be able to split the coils. I bought the switch, and now I have three I'm bucker positions, and three single coil positions! Love it !


Free way switch 

(Customer's Reviews)

Delivery was super fast considering I live in Hawaii. The switch works like a charm and so easy to access all of the positions.


Good for home, not too good for the road

(Customer's Reviews)

I really liked the versatility of the Free-Way Pickup Switch , but I don't think it has enough structure to endure the drudgery of everyday life on the road. My broken with a simple slip and consequent knock at the house room table . You need to be focus to change the positions, 'cause the space between them it's too tight one from each other. I'm happy with the purchase , but do this reservations.


Versatile and reliable

(Customer's Reviews)

I've had this switch on my 3PU LP for two years now and have never had a single problem with it. It's switching is much quieter than most switches I've inherited and many new ones I've installed over the years. I used it with three high gain pickups and a complex wiring scheme that gave me the most switching and tonal possibilities I could dream up. The versatility added with a middle PU and this switch is finally everything that I knew it could be in a 3PU LP. The switch feels as tight and mechanically sound today as it did the day I installed it. Thanks to StewMac and Alastair for such a great product!


Excellent service

(Customer's Reviews)

It is just what i wanted to do with the three pickup guitar I am building made it so I can have 1 pick up 2 pickups or 3 pickups in phase or single coil. Alastair is great at the company. 6 Stars!!


Great value with small adjustments

(Customer's Reviews)

I would give it a lower rating with out the adjustments I've made. The unit protrudes out so a second nut is needed under the pickguard to level it. it also made a lot of noise and cracks when toggling through the positions. it needed contact cleaner to subdue it which it did for the most part. Other wise, this switch great increase to tonality of the entire guitar breathing new life and possibilities further than a traditional blade switch would. Highly recommend in that area though switching through the positions can be sluggish


HHH 2vol/2tone

(Customer's Reviews)

Installed this in a customer's 3 pickup LP. Soldered & installed easily enough, but can't give 5 stars because I don't know the reliability yet.


Possibly the worst guitar component I have ever come across

(Customer's Reviews)

Recently installed a 6 way selector in my strat. 15mins work, no problem. Four evenings working with this and still not working. Useless solder 'pads' prone to shorting and with no mechanical anchoring of wires, one or more inevitably come lose when installing in semi-hollow. Normal solder tags would have added 2mm to the depth of the switch. Also switch does not stay in position but pops out.



(Customer's Reviews)

I rebuilt a Gibson Les Paul Studio. I wanted more tone options so I added a third Humbucker. I wanted more pickup configurations and after doing some research I came across the Free-Way Pickup Switch. Here is the configuration.

1. Neck
2. Neck and Bridge
3. Bridge
4. Neck and Middle
5. Middle (Plus an Optional Push, Pull tone Pot for all 3 Humbuckers.)
6. Bridge and Middle

Not to mention, I added push pull pots on the three volume pots for single coil activation. I have a 23 different tone combinations and the Les Paul looks totally stock! This guitar is a tone Jedi! I am really thankful to Alasdair Bryce from Free-Way for corresponding with me for this very intricate wiring schematic. Thanks to Stew Mac for carrying this switch. Get your solder skills on, and turn any guitar into a tone factory!


Free-Way Pickup Switch

(Customer's Reviews)

This was a good solution for wiring up my 3 pickup Gibson SG Custom Les Paul. The wiring diagrams were very useful, and the new improved Free-Way Switch eliminates the need to solder in jumper wires before installation... what a huge headache that would have been!

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