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Schatten Thumbwheel Controls

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Schatten Thumbwheel Controls

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Schatten Thumbwheel Controls

About This Item

A fingertip solution for archtop acoustic guitars. Compact, lightweight audio-taper tone/volume controls install easily under the edge of a raised pickguard.

Less than 3/16" thick, the thumbwheels are mounted directly to a miniature low-profile circuit board that attaches easily under your pickguard with supplied foam tape. Mounting surface is approximately
1-1/4" x 3/4" (31.75mm x 19.05mm).


Prewired as volume control, with 24" 2-conductor mini shielded cable. Includes instructions for making a tone control with the supplied .047uF ceramic capacitor.


Product Instructions

Schatten Thumbwheel Controls Instructions

Downloadable wiring diagrams for Schatten Thumbwheel Controls.

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Schatten Thumbwheel Controls

(Customer's Reviews)

Though pricey, it's a quality product. The 2 controls can be separated from ea other. Using hotglue, I installed them on either side of the rear plate of a magnetic soundhole pickup, to add vol & tone controls. Works fine. Will use again to add vol, or vol & tone, controls in other acoustic guitar projects.


Good pots

(Customer's Reviews)

I've used these on several occasions. Jazz guitars, acoustics (in the sound hole), even on a traveler electric bass. These are much better quality than some other thumbwheel pots I've tried. I will use them again.



(Customer's Reviews)

Very useful items! They come very handy in many different situations: not only archtops! But definetly a bit too expensive!



(Customer's Reviews)

Fit perfectly under the pickguard of my old acoustic jazzbox (converted to slide guitar), and connected to two piezo discs. Sounded better than I had hoped, and hardly visible at all.

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