JackPot Potentiometer

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JackPot Potentiometer

About This Item

This combo pot and rotary switch bypasses your instrument's volume and tone controls. Play full throttle, with the pickup wired directly to the output jack, for a broader signal and enhanced highs.

"Take the muffler off your electric guitar!"
—Ned Steinberger, designer

When wired into your guitar (rewiring of tone controls may be required), this control removes the load of the pots. Think of it as a knob that goes from 0-10, plus a switch to 11—there's an actual click!

The JackPot's rotary switch clicks on when the knob reaches full rotation. The open switch lifts the ground to the pot, eliminating the load on the pickups and letting the full signal reach the output jack. When the knob is rotated counterclockwise, the ground to the pot is reconnected, so the pot returns to standard operation.

"On my Tele I get a brighter, more aggressive sound that is more sensitive to my picking style and attack!"
—Casey Davis, guitarist and StewMac customer service rep

    Why do you want it?
  • With the JackPot you can play full on, with the pickups wired directly to the output jack. You'll still have a trusty volume knob to back off instantly to a lower level when needed.
  • The JackPot produces a stronger signal level, greater warmth, more intensity.
  • On typical instrument wiring, when the volume knob is maxed out, there is still a portion of the signal that bleeds to ground. The output level never reaches the full level the pickup would achieve if it were wired directly to the output jack.
Shaft diameter 6mm split shaft, coarse knurling
Overall height   1-1/4" (31.75mm)
Housing height   3/8" (9.52mm)
Lugs extend   1/4" (6.35mm)
Thread   M8 x 0.75
Threaded portion height   3/8" (9.52mm)
Housing diameter   5/8" (15.88mm)
Required mounting hole diameter   5/16" (7.94mm)
Two mounting nuts, flat washer and lock washer included

U.S. Patent No. 8,253,007

Which pot value should you choose?
500K pots are standard controls for humbuckers, and 250Ks are usually used for single-coil pickups. A 250K gives a slightly warmer tone than a 500K, and bleeds off some of the high frequencies to ground. A 1-meg pot bleeds off even less than a 500K.

1-meg pots are also ideal for piezo pickups, as the ultra high impedance piezo element is more adversely effected by conventional, lower-value pots than magnetic pickups.

Replacement Mounting Nuts and Lock Washers are also available.

Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

Upgrading control pots: choosing the right pots and knobs

Lots of low-cost guitars play great, even though the manufacturers cut costs on hardware and electronics. Swapping out your control pots is an easy mod with big results. Erick Coleman shows you how to avoid troubleā€¦


Product Instructions

JackPot Wiring Diagrams

Manufacturer's installation instructions.

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(Customer's Reviews)

I bought this 1 meg pot for my customized GODIN 5th Ave. It has a Johnny Smith ceramic humbucker-floater and a P.U.T.W. transducer under the bridge foot. I love "my little mongrel" and this potentiometer made my "experiment in-tone" equisite! BE aware; this pot does have a quicker rise in db and a slightly less rotational degree but it works for me! The hot-switch at the end of the twist sends signal sans variable resistance; BLUES!


More options than you are used to with a volume pot.

(Customer's Reviews)

More than giving a clean line directly to the output jack the jackpot offers a way to have a tonal preset just below the threshold of the direct out. So you can back off on the volume just a bit and all of your tone controls cut back in. I am quite taken with the sound of the pick ups and no tone controls.


Awesome idea, poor implementation

(Customer's Reviews)

I bought this just because I hate when I roll my volume up to play and start wondering why my tone is muddy only to notice I didn't roll it all the way up. Having a click to tell me it's all the way sounded perfect.

Downside of this pot for me is the fact that it's range (how far the pot turns to go 0-10) is a good chunk smaller than normal pots. It goes from 0-10 in the time a normal pot goes from 0-7.5, with the full click it goes to about 8.5. Makes it more difficult to use if you use your volume knob for volume dynamic sensitive stuff and sucks that your numbered knobs won't line up with it. Had it had a normal range, this would've been my dream pot.

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