Black Ice

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Battery-free onboard overdrive! Dial in some gritty fun: Black Ice features four different overdrive wiring options. Put your 250K guitar or bass tone control to better use!

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Black Ice

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Black Ice

Guitar demo using the Black Ice.

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Battery-free onboard overdrive! Dial in some gritty fun: Black Ice features four different overdrive wiring options. Put your 250K guitar or bass tone control to better use!

  • Compact encapsulated 1/2" cube needs no batteries.
  • Works with practically any passive guitar or bass pickups.

Now with 4 different overdrive options.
Black Ice circuitry is encapsulated in a compact 1/2" cube that requires no batteries to power its nastiness. Installation can be as simple as replacing your 250K tone control's capacitor. You can wire it for just a little grit, a more aggressive grind, or to border on a raw '60s fuzz.

Black Ice works with practically any passive guitar or bass single-coil, humbucker, P-90 or lipstick pickups. Wiring instructions included.

Black Ice features 4 different wiring configurations:

Polite: A little grit for single-coils; mild distortion for humbuckers and P-90s.
Warm: Mild distortion for single-coils; a little more for humbuckers and P-90s.
Hot: Medium distortion for single-coils; aggressively raw for humbuckers and P-90s; subtle growl for basses.
Industrial Strength: Nasty with hotter pickups; slightly more growl for basses. The best wiring option for weak pickups.

Note: Use a 250K pot as your Black Ice control. The instructions also include diagrams for wiring your Black Ice in a stomp box, and for using a push-pull pot to switch between the Black Ice and your tone control.

Black Ice isn't designed to replace your favorite distortion pedal. It won't make your amp a fire-breather, and it won't boost your volume or sustain. In fact, you may notice a subtle volume drop with the Hot and Industrial Strength wirings and high output pickups. Black Ice is not designed for use with active pickups.

Product Instructions

Black Ice Wiring Diagrams

Manufacturer's installation instructions.

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Black Ice

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Can't notice any sound alteration

By Palaver from MetroWest MA - USA
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, March 04, 2014

No difference to the output. I initially went with "Hot" but went to "Industrial Strength" to get some teeth in it. It doesn't give me any real boost that I can tell. Maybe I'm immune to it but I can't notice any change to the tone at all.

Neat, but overpriced

By Thompson Guitars from Hermosa Beach, CA
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, June 19, 2013

When I first got this little gizmo, I thought it sounded cool and offered a new range of tones when added with a push-pull pot. After significant research, I bought 2 diodes, twisted them together in opposite directions, and acheived the same sound for much less. Hard to justify $20.00 plus shipping. . .

BlackICE "BOX" !

By Valerio Antonelli from Ladispoli (RM), Italy
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, February 10, 2013

I've made a box using a simple rotary switch, three "on-off-on" mini-switches and one 250k pot. It's working very very well ! ;)

Black Ice

By LDT from Southaven, MS
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, December 19, 2012

this item does exactly what it was designed to do. it is however a bit pricey. but then, i've bought two of 'em! go figure....

Black Ice

By Rave On Guitar Works from Rouses Point, New York
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, October 14, 2012

I'm so glad they upgraded the Black Ice so I can now use it on my strat loaded with Lindy Fralin Pickups. When dialed in just right my guitar drips SRV. I love it. Thanks Stewmac.


By socket from new jersey
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Worked better than expected. Gives a sweet overdrive that's perfect for blues. I wasn't sure how it would sound, but it put my doubts to rest when i turned it up. Its a gain control on the guitar. Best part, no batteries! Super product, super trick on any guitar. Thanks for selling this little jem.

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