Square Steel Tube Truss Rod

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Square Steel Tube Truss Rod

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Square Steel Tube Truss Rod

About This Item

This nonadjustable design was used for years in Martin guitars with 14 frets to the neck/body joint. Our improved version is strong stainless steel.

3/8" x 3/8" x 14"
(9.53 x 9.53 x 356mm)

Saw it shorter to fit other necks.

Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

Strengthening a square-tube Martin truss rod

Dan Erlewine's doing a neck reset on a Martin that has a square-tube truss rod. While he has the neck off, he shows how to improve the truss rod before regluing the neck.

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Good cheap fix!

(Customer's Reviews)

I recently restored an unplayable 1946 Harmony archtop that had no rod (wartime). The neck was badly twisted and bowed and having steamed and clamped it to get it straight, I installed one of these rods. It's completely undetectable and after a year the action hasn't moved. This guitar didn't warrant the expense of a carbon fiber rod but it's back making music again.


Stiff as

(Customer's Reviews)

I like these in my classical guitars as they are incredibly stiff and not too heavy.


traditional non-adjustible truss rod

(Customer's Reviews)

Sometime in the 1970's or 1980's Martin changed to an adjustable truss rod. Prior to that they used a non-adjustable support. After taking apart and repairing a few vintage Martins, I grew to like the idea of the non-adjustable truss rod. Using them I find that the neck under tension gives just about the perfect amount of relief. After all, if a neck gets into trouble due to the neck set, the solution really is not a truss rod adjustment, it's a neck reset, which many old Martins seem to need. I like the simplicity of the non-adjustable rod, it's rigidity and the Martin tradition.

I wish Stewmac offered the older style t-bar non-adjustable truss rod. Maybe they will in the future.

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