Gibson Truss Rod

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Gibson Truss Rod Barbed half-moon washer only

Barbed half-moon washer only

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Gibson Truss Rod

About This Item

One-way rod used in new Gibson® guitars! Direct replacement adjustable neck reinforcement rod as installed in Gibson® guitars since the late '60s.

Traditional "one-way" design: turn the adjustment nut clockwise to correct neck upbowing. Includes steel rod, hex brass adjustment nut, anchor nut, and "half-moon" washer that's barbed so it won't turn in the peghead access cavity.

Rod: 18-1/4" x .167"-diameter steel (463.55mm x 4.24mm dia.). Note: The threads on this truss rod are rolled in the manufacturing process, not cut with a 10-32 die. If you need a custom-length rod, we recommend our Traditional Truss Rod Kit.

Adjustment nut: 5/16" hex brass.

Anchor nut: rectangular steel, 3/8" x 5/8" x .092" (9.52mm x 15.88mm x 2.34mm); square hole fits the rod cap, so the rod won't turn.

Half-moon washer: 11/32" x 9/16" x .100" steel (8.73mm x 14.29mm x 2.54mm) with two barbs.

Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

A sign of truss rod trouble, and an easy solution.

Dan Erlewine with a common truss rod problem: an over-adjusted rod that just won't work anymore. Luckily, there's an easy fix!

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Great for my work

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Purchased for personal guitar


Faithful to the original, good overall quality

(Customer's Reviews)

It's thin, light and robust. If you're building (not repairing), take extra care when slotting the neck for this truss rod: A straight canal may work for double action adjustable rods, but this one requires a snugly fit curved slot. The only con is the anchor piece: It won't lock in place, and may require cementing (heel side), as it can become loose if the wood is soft enough. I don't recommend welding, as it can weaken and strees the steel, making it prone to snap when someone tries to adjust it.


Gibson Truss Rod

(Customer's Reviews)

Very good quality.

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